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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Daxos of Meletis WolfWar 6/22/2017
Daxos Enchantments A Luke 6/22/2017
Zombies dreamcatcher27 6/21/2017
Depala Walker Budget Megallica 6/21/2017
Dragons EDH Claire 6/21/2017
lifedraingain Jesskeez 6/21/2017
Animar dragons Sharkking 6/20/2017
Dargons Mr. D 6/20/2017
League of Legends Yangoose 6/20/2017
Fungal Yangoose 6/20/2017
Zur test 2 Nico 6/20/2017
Zur test Nico 6/20/2017
Zur Nico 6/20/2017
Zur Nico 6/20/2017
SASKIA INFECT Nico 6/20/2017
Mono black control Nico 6/20/2017
Zur EDH Taco Master 6/20/2017
sada treehippy9000 6/20/2017
Grenzo Spice Bruce Richard 6/20/2017
Iroas vultron token Cole Fishbach 6/19/2017
White Artifacts Spectralwaltz 6/19/2017
County Man [Simic Counter EDH] AcupunctureSoup 6/19/2017
Rakdos llama_with_a_bow_tie 6/19/2017
Zur, the Enchanter EDH Taco Master 6/19/2017
Zur, the Enchanter EDH Taco Master 6/19/2017
Marchesa Diplomat of Bolas Hellbender11 6/18/2017
Krenko Shenanigans TColl 6/18/2017
Dimir (Control/Mill) Rjdemon 6/18/2017
Kozilek, the Great Distortion MTG Commander 6/17/2017
Bolas TuxedoJackson 6/17/2017
Oloro Markos 6/16/2017
Mother of Thopters NoirCroix 6/16/2017
Meren Sac - cmd Jesskeez 6/15/2017
Derevi Bird Flock Millon 6/15/2017
$60 Worth of Humans Sir Snyd-a-lot 6/15/2017
Rhys, The Redeemed MTG Con Los Codos 6/15/2017
Erebos descarte MTG Con Los Codos 6/15/2017
Zada draws more than Blue (Budget) Megallica 6/15/2017
Athreos, God of Apostles ThirdP3rson 6/14/2017
Depala Swayze 6/14/2017
Budget Tempest Arrow MasterVash 6/14/2017
Iroas for Kory Sousuke150 6/14/2017
Here, have some cards! MudkipDJ 6/14/2017
Zedruu the goat c r o n i c 6/13/2017
Budget Samut Aggro Shucklez 6/13/2017
Geth lord of Graveyyards Kharn2 6/13/2017
Omnath Green Spectralwaltz 6/13/2017
Tribal Vampires EDH greatyellowpie 6/12/2017
Mindrazer Jilkouras 6/12/2017
Rhys the Redeemed lonewolf 6/12/2017

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