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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Saskia EDH Matty J 1/22/2017
Kaseto U/G Unblockable schlaackmusic 1/22/2017
Ruhan and his Gang UncappedSkill 1/22/2017
party god johnnymac1092 1/22/2017
Breya Fun BolasSeek 1/21/2017
Omnath, Locus of Rage BolasSeek 1/21/2017
Krenko, Mob Boss Jokazwild 1/21/2017
Special Forces TooMuchTooSoon 1/20/2017
Brain Dead TooMuchTooSoon 1/20/2017
EMPTY iR8Roont 1/20/2017
God of the Sea Esper 1/20/2017
Atraxa Superfriends Daniel Bowery 1/20/2017
5 Color Goblin iR8Roont 1/20/2017
Olivia Vampire Tribal EDH steadylynx 1/19/2017
Damia, Likes all the turns Blur 1/19/2017
Sharuum the Hegemon EDH Gregory DiTomasso 1/18/2017
Logan's Angels steadylynx 1/18/2017
Sigarda's Humans EDH steadylynx 1/18/2017
Shishishisha Pocket Lands PoC 1/18/2017
Rith Tokens schlaackmusic 1/18/2017
Feminist Movement... on a Budget KappaSigmaStud 1/18/2017
Karlov schlaackmusic 1/17/2017
Xander's Death & Taxes EDH steadylynx 1/17/2017
Test Ryan 1/17/2017
Sliver Over Run LasairAnDragon 1/16/2017
guided by nature Sousuke150 1/16/2017
EDH Flash - Leovold iR8Roont 1/13/2017
Trostani CptRainbow 1/13/2017
Abzan Superfriends OrangeTravis 1/13/2017
Kozee CaptainThrow 1/13/2017
BU Mill Commander miekmende 1/13/2017
The Walkers Dead TooMuchTooSoon 1/13/2017
Animar Shadow Person 1/13/2017
Big Deretti Marco Russell 1/12/2017
Jor Kadeen EDH Cooper B 1/12/2017
FAIRY GODPARENTS! TooMuchTooSoon 1/11/2017
Eldragons H1N1_Nitzy 1/11/2017
Iroas Sousuke150 1/11/2017
Sidar Kraum Diogucamara 1/9/2017
Those Funny Little People TooMuchTooSoon 1/9/2017
Mimeoplasm firebreather209 1/9/2017
Pheldaggrif Hugs and Kisses - EDH Halfzipp 1/8/2017
Momir Vig, Simic A**hole 2 titan 222 1/8/2017
5 color atraxa+yidris TheGuyWhoDoes 1/8/2017
EDH Oloro Combo Control Tanner Cruse 1/8/2017
EDH Tasigur Control Tanner Cruse 1/8/2017
Rats CptRainbow 1/8/2017
EDH Prossh, Skyraider of Kher Scott44544 1/8/2017
Saskia smashy TheGuyWhoDoes 1/4/2017
Bad Time with Crosis DragonFlagon21 1/4/2017

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