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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Athreos, God of Apostles ThirdP3rson 6/14/2017
Depala Swayze 6/14/2017
Budget Tempest Arrow MasterVash 6/14/2017
Iroas for Kory Sousuke150 6/14/2017
Here, have some cards! MudkipDJ 6/14/2017
Zedruu the goat c r o n i c 6/13/2017
Budget Samut Aggro Shucklez 6/13/2017
Geth lord of Graveyyards Kharn2 6/13/2017
Omnath Green Spectralwaltz 6/13/2017
Tribal Vampires EDH greatyellowpie 6/12/2017
Mindrazer Jilkouras 6/12/2017
Rhys the Redeemed lonewolf 6/12/2017
Kalemne loserbob 6/12/2017
Karn, Silver Golem BurkeG 6/11/2017
Akiri, Equipment Slinger Cspiderwebb 6/11/2017
Daretti loserbob 6/11/2017
Feldon loserbob 6/11/2017
Tazri loserbob 6/11/2017
Omnath, Locus of Rage loserbob 6/11/2017
Melek EDH loserbob 6/11/2017
Mayael EDH Millon 6/11/2017
Group Hug with a sting Mr. D 6/11/2017
Turns for days Mr. D 6/11/2017
Omnath of Rage EDH lets 6/11/2017
Hapatra Deck greatyellowpie 6/10/2017
Accurate decklist for chap ChapSkylurk 6/9/2017
kefnet budget 1.5 Gojira 6/9/2017
Tcg deck for Chap ChapSkylurk 6/9/2017
5 color Allies bjlizo 6/9/2017
Black White LifeLink InternalError 6/9/2017
EDH Oloro SamuraiJackReturnsHome 6/9/2017
Jeskai Free Turn Matt1291 6/9/2017
Hapatra EDH Portwood 6/8/2017
Thraximundar's Zombie Party WolfWar 6/8/2017
R/W Tantrums BaconHawk 6/8/2017
bant goats freelancer 6/8/2017
Akiri, Line-Slinger artifacts PenguinWarCry 6/8/2017
Riku of Two Reflections Karmic13 6/8/2017
Tryhard Prossh Fling 6/7/2017
Counter Charge CoolNerdGames 6/7/2017
ishai, ojutai dragonspeaker/reyhan, last of the azban edh Pig_r_life 6/6/2017
Zur EDH Control Blightsteel101 6/6/2017
EDH Enchantment zdx 6/6/2017
Rosheen <$20 Delpheki1323123 6/6/2017
Nekusar Commander Deck Havoccultist 6/6/2017
Grenzo <$20 Delpheki1323123 6/5/2017
Odric or bust Sousuke150 6/5/2017
Nekusar, the MindRzer Donny Purkey 6/4/2017
Zur Voltron Cabbage7 6/4/2017
Bruna Aura's Gilady098 6/4/2017

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