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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Brago EDH TheAlphaXY 8/11/2017
Vampire commander Vampire 8/11/2017
Gisela EDH hebrewhammer30 8/11/2017
Black Blue Puke Nedeku 8/10/2017
EDH - Karador iR8Roont 8/9/2017
Ruhan EDH call_me_ding 8/8/2017
Gitrog EDH call_me_ding 8/8/2017
Wrexial EDH call_me_ding 8/8/2017
Jeskai Flying Taxes Pluvian 8/8/2017
Rafiq bonefromthevoid 8/8/2017
Eldrazi Thwacky01 8/7/2017
tribal demons Illaoi Bot 8/7/2017
Surrak Fight Club Pluvian 8/7/2017
Stone Death Pluvian 8/7/2017
S-askia'n for a Thrash'n Pluvian 8/6/2017
Kaalidiac of the Skies Pluvian 8/6/2017
Chainer's Devotion Pluvian 8/6/2017
Dr. Strangelove Pluvian 8/6/2017
Damia's Post-Apocalyptic Windfarm Pluvian 8/6/2017
Criminal Intet Pluvian 8/6/2017
Teneb, Dragon of Wrath Pluvian 8/6/2017
Akroma's Sharp Fury Pluvian 8/6/2017
Landfalling for K&T Pluvian 8/6/2017
Obze-dis & Obzedat Pluvian 8/6/2017
Ziggles for Zegana Pluvian 8/6/2017
BUG Voltron BouShea8205 8/6/2017
SYGG, RIVER GUIDE BUDGET iclavero 8/6/2017
Atraxa 150dls r4g3xp 8/6/2017
Gatewatch Sliver Swarm Ophei 8/6/2017
Olivia Voldaren EDH Gilly 8/6/2017
Shu Yun 35 low blee 8/6/2017
Shu Yun 35 dollar low league blee 8/6/2017
Sidisi Kills Your Family Taco Master 8/5/2017
Titania EDH BlazinT10 8/5/2017
Omnath, Locus of Mana EDH Gilly 8/5/2017
Infectious Disease MTG Commander 8/4/2017
EDH - Triad iR8Roont 8/4/2017
Kresh the Companion Bones822 8/4/2017
Meren of Clan Nel Toth EDH Tanner Cruse 8/4/2017
Olivia's Coven of Vampyres Salj 8/3/2017
Blue/Black Zombie hadman 8/3/2017
The Ur-Dragon Rayne Zarkevz 8/3/2017
Mizzix of the Izmagnus planetsabc 8/2/2017
five color eldrazi edh ScionSpawner 8/2/2017
Orzhov Vampire SithDragon33 8/2/2017
Golgari Eldrazi Deck SithDragon33 8/2/2017
Grave Digger Kyris 8/2/2017
Samut EDH Rawberry 8/2/2017
Token Chef TriggerReed 8/1/2017
Pipe Piper magg28 8/1/2017

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