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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Vampire Tribal EDH / Commander Halfzipp 12/26/2016
Sygg, River Cutthroat, Pirates and Plunder! EDH / Commander Halfzipp 12/26/2016
Kaseto EDH/Commander - TheManaSource Halfzipp 12/26/2016
Alesha Dylan Paxton 12/26/2016
Phenax EDH/Commander Halfzipp 12/26/2016
Zombies Mikewhite 12/26/2016
5 Color Grand Master Taco Master 12/24/2016
Marath edh=) Rifed1deadman 12/22/2016
JLA Everodd22 12/22/2016
Simic Partner raziellok7 12/21/2016
Esper JamestheDruid 12/21/2016
Nylea, God of the Hunt Mig 12/21/2016
Murderhobo cartesianAmbiguity 12/20/2016
dwarf vehicle TheGuyWhoDoes 12/20/2016
Phenax, God of Deception V.1 Frogsalot 12/20/2016
Memnarch Control Arvedin 12/19/2016
Mono Black Vampire iShotto 12/19/2016
Reindeer Games gdeangel 12/19/2016
Mimeoplasm EDH floresjp33 12/19/2016
Trample EDH floresjp33 12/19/2016
The Gitrog Monster Mig 12/18/2016
Brago, King of Blink Cascade of Pain 12/18/2016
Meren of Clan Nel Toth DogmaKMR 12/17/2016
Ezuri, Claw of Good Stuff DogmaKMR 12/17/2016
Meren Competitive Multiplayer Bladesinger 12/16/2016
Sidisi, Brood Tyrant Mig 12/16/2016
Nicol Bubbybubs 12/15/2016
Daretti EDH TheGuyWhoDoes 12/15/2016
An Attempt at trolling BromtheCrow 12/14/2016
Scion of the Ur Dragon EDH "I like to play with Your stuff Better" HappyViking 12/14/2016
Marath Test Emryst Starlord 12/14/2016
Daretti Abzolutebox333 12/14/2016
Budget Rashmi Chodes 12/13/2016
Uril, the Miststalker m14master 12/13/2016
Invent Superiority bobby9397 12/13/2016
EDH Nar Token Zippity 12/12/2016
Rakdos EDH Parker1298 12/12/2016
Rakdos real good EDH Parker1298 12/12/2016
Breed Lethality Greg Martin 12/12/2016
Budget Sliver Hivelord - EDH / Commander syjN15 12/11/2016
test ohnoitsglen 12/11/2016
Thrax Rifed1deadman 12/11/2016
urijl edh chwigga 12/10/2016
Blue Black Red Green Partners Riccardi1993 12/10/2016
Alesha Multiplayer Mana-Denial Bladesinger 12/10/2016
Hugs and Friends Esper 12/10/2016
4-Color Tokens DLove519 12/10/2016
The Deck Albireo 12/10/2016
Mayael Giants Shanebob911 12/9/2016
Life Fiber Sengetsu Mibit911 12/9/2016

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