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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Aggressiveness SUBJECTxDELTA01 5/6/2017
Aggressiveness SUBJECTxDELTA01 5/6/2017
vial smasher & thrasios Uzzyoops 5/5/2017
Zur Uzzyoops 5/5/2017
UW Aggro Uzzyoops 5/5/2017
Colorless Draw Cards Delpheki1323123 5/5/2017
The Hive Evil C'thulhu 5/5/2017
The Hive Evil C'thulhu 5/5/2017
Brion <$20 Delpheki1323123 5/5/2017
Enlightened Master Commander Roy Enfield 5/5/2017
Gisa & Geralf Reanimation Divine Lightning 5/5/2017
Voldaren Legion SirOliver 5/5/2017
Tasigur, the Golden Fang: A Terrible Experience. GrandGuardian 5/4/2017
Lovisa: Aggro 101 GrandGuardian 5/4/2017
Department of Motor Vehicles MertaxQ Commander 5/4/2017
Sliver Commander Daiwulf 5/4/2017
Progenitus: Twilight of the Gods GrandGuardian 5/4/2017
Karador, Ghost Cheiftain: Reanimator Nonsense GrandGuardian 5/4/2017
Sydri Metallic Combo MertaxQ Commander 5/4/2017
Atraxa And Friends Baka 5/4/2017
Kaalia Beats MertaxQ Commander 5/4/2017
Offensive Language MertaxQ Commander 5/4/2017
Black Rose Grixis MertaxQ Commander 5/4/2017
Ezuri, Claw of Progress Jase 5/4/2017
Mind Seize Spumanti1985 5/4/2017
Clan Nel Toth MertaxQ Commander 5/4/2017
Derevi The Blink MertaxQ Commander 5/4/2017
Big Butt Super Friends Uzzyoops 5/4/2017
Gisela Uzzyoops 5/3/2017
BUG EDH Uzzyoops 5/3/2017
TCC Vampire Tribal EDH MajeSoran 5/2/2017
Jenara, Asura of Enchantment Jólnir 5/2/2017
Shattergang Brothers Uzzyoops 5/2/2017
Girlfriend's Alesha NoirCroix 5/2/2017
Rith, The Awakener: Vomit Tokens GrandGuardian 5/1/2017
X CosmicCubicle 5/1/2017
Those Funny Little People TooMuchTooSoon 5/1/2017
Mardrazi Fun Times TooMuchTooSoon 5/1/2017
Daxos the Returned EDH aknightadrift 5/1/2017
Extort (Suck it!) NivekTG 5/1/2017
Zombie Tribal sweendeezy 5/1/2017
Rhys, the silly token generator prawnface 4/30/2017
Tazri's Allies Balasam 4/30/2017
Animar Elemental EDH Balasam 4/30/2017
Karametra Enchantress Josh1735 4/30/2017
EDH Wheel Mill Jonjey 4/30/2017
BWG Control Kozanar 4/30/2017
Zedruu rlueth97 4/30/2017
Sapling of Colfenor: Tribal Sapling GrandGuardian 4/29/2017
Dragon Ur EDH The bold and brave 4/28/2017

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