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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
UB Reanimator Los805-v2 5/15/2017
BUG Delver ihianhoff 5/15/2017
UWr Stoneblade Brandon Guillory 5/15/2017
True Name BUG aleale1981 5/13/2017
R/G Combo Lands inevitablepnut 5/10/2017
Griselbrand's Return Iman88 5/8/2017
Elf Cycle Foothands 5/7/2017
Angel Life Gain Devoid 5/5/2017
Grixis Delver makniffen 5/5/2017
Iko GW Bestfriends Enrico Francisco 5/4/2017
Kitty Kat Attack NoirCroix 5/3/2017
Green Creature Wmcgr 5/3/2017
Goblin/Dragon Wmcgr 5/3/2017
reanimator Buylist B_Easy 5/2/2017
Birds all over your body NoirCroix 5/2/2017
Red goblin burn William 5/2/2017
Possible sell Aidan Meyer 5/2/2017
Eldrazi Lothan 4/30/2017
Legacy Reanimator Pox BoomBoomStormCloud 4/30/2017
Elvish Aggro benjibadrock 4/30/2017
Grixis Delver Daniel Bowery 4/28/2017
4c Control Daniel Bowery 4/28/2017
Rb Goblins angrychicken11 4/28/2017
Budget Purphoros EDH GG Degree 4/27/2017
Burning Wish Omnitell atmo 4/27/2017
Legacy Death Goblin BoomBoomStormCloud 4/26/2017
Cephalid Breakfast Netopotence 4/26/2017
Elf KingMoose 4/25/2017
Bant Miracles BradR 4/25/2017
uwr delverblade greasemonkey1989 4/25/2017
Elves v2 freeride 4/24/2017
Treefolk KingMoose 4/21/2017
BUG Control DAzero222 4/21/2017
WEREWOLVES IMPROVED Pig_r_life 4/21/2017
WRight Brothers Burgundy 4/20/2017
Vendo Hover 4/19/2017
Main Deck SPIRO 4/18/2017
ashnod's demons tbag 4/18/2017
bob2 jaystone11 4/18/2017
jayz ezzzzz 4/16/2017
Jakes ezzzzz 4/16/2017
Trevs ezzzzz 4/16/2017
Tonys ezzzzz 4/16/2017
jakes ezzzzz 4/16/2017
Red Blue Green (Modern) Pig_r_life 4/15/2017
The Pond Bobob, the Destroyer 4/15/2017
Eldrazi Tron Denni$ Maddox 4/14/2017
Mono Black Tendrils syntheticapriori 4/13/2017
Mono Black Storm syntheticapriori 4/13/2017

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