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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Smallpox RussianRanger2 3/27/2017
Elvish Aggro benjibadrock 3/27/2017
Legacy Reanimator - Control? Halfzipp 3/26/2017
Elf 1 referb. dirty_dan99 3/26/2017
No-Miracles Miracles Brian Braun-Duin 3/24/2017
Zombie Self Mill C-dub 3/22/2017
U/R Delver dMASTER 3/22/2017
Poisonous Tyler420 3/22/2017
Jeskai Fury FrizzleFry84 3/21/2017
Mill It Up DLang 3/20/2017
Discord or Discard? DLang 3/20/2017
Aberrations of the Fog WastelandRelaxer 3/20/2017
Team America aleale1981 3/17/2017
Uw miracles Toolan 3/16/2017
Hybrid Sligh Moda 3/14/2017
My First Legacy: Tin-Fins TheHelvault 3/14/2017
Chuck Bird Moda 3/13/2017
Chuck Bird Moda 3/13/2017
Gruul Werewolves Crizzle 3/13/2017
Cheeri0s Everodd22 3/13/2017
Red-White Aggro Crizzle 3/13/2017
Casual UW "Top" Control Kabootle 3/11/2017
Fattie Ratedrko22 3/11/2017
True Name BUG aleale1981 3/9/2017
blue mill 2.1 Wraiven 3/9/2017
Shardless Leovold Sultai aleale1981 3/8/2017
4c Nic Fit v3 Everodd22 3/8/2017
4c Nic Fit v2 Everodd22 3/8/2017
4c Nic Fit Everodd22 3/7/2017
Casual Dragons Pricecheck Kabootle 3/4/2017
UB Zombie Madness Cost C-dub 3/4/2017
Time To Pay The Price Vakuso 3/2/2017
Minotaur Deck Vakuso 3/2/2017
Goblin Rage Vakuso 3/2/2017
Dragon Rampage Vakuso 3/2/2017
Protectors Of The Great Shogun Vakuso 3/2/2017
Black Plague Vakuso 3/2/2017
Ninja Art Shadow Illusion Jutsu Vakuso 3/2/2017
Snake Tribe Swarm Vakuso 3/2/2017
Elves Of Life And Death Vakuso 3/2/2017
Jace Deck Vakuso 3/2/2017
Garruk Deck Vakuso 3/2/2017
Chandra Deck Vakuso 3/2/2017
Ajani Deck Vakuso 3/2/2017
Liliana Deck Vakuso 3/2/2017
Enemies Unite Vakuso 3/2/2017
Got The Munchies Vakuso 3/2/2017
Gone Fishing Vakuso 3/2/2017
Elf Legion All Out War Vakuso 3/2/2017
dredge kachy 3/2/2017

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