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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Goblin Bidding Nathan Buchanan 2003 Champs: Nova Scotia, CA 5th-8th 10/27/2003
Ponza Sam Bachmann 2003 Champs: Nova Scotia, CA 5th-8th 10/27/2003
Cycling Control Andrew MacDonald 2003 Champs: Nova Scotia, CA 5th-8th 10/27/2003
Goblins Darby Vickery 2003 Champs: Nova Scotia, CA 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
MBC Terrence Johnstone 2003 Champs: Nova Scotia, CA 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
Goblins Allen Reynolds 2003 Champs: Nova Scotia, CA 2nd 10/27/2003
UW Control Phillip Drennen 2003 Champs: Alabama 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
Affinity Nathan Murata 2003 Champs: California 2nd 10/27/2003
MBC Patrick Colgan 2003 Champs: Gloucestershire, England 5th-8th 10/27/2003
RW Control Lucien Longlais 2003 Champs: Maine 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
Astral Slide Mark Rayson 2003 Champs: Channel Islands, UK 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
Astral Slide Brian Grimmer 2003 Champs: Alabama 5th-8th 10/27/2003
MBC Donald Lewis 2003 Champs: Rhode Island 5th-8th 10/27/2003
Affinity Geoffrey Joosten 2003 Champs: Utah 5th-8th 10/27/2003
MBC Tien 2003 Champs: Utah 5th-8th 10/27/2003
UW Control Drew Walden 2003 Champs: Utah 5th-8th 10/27/2003
Goblins Joshua Clingo 2003 Champs: Utah 5th-8th 10/27/2003
BW Control Richard Cook 2003 Champs: Utah 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
Affinity Anthony Consilvio 2003 Champs: Utah 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
Goblins Cole Thomas 2003 Champs: Utah 2nd 10/27/2003
RG Land D Aaron Muranaka 2003 Champs: Utah 1st 10/27/2003
UW Control David Toops 2003 Champs: Hawaii 5th-8th 10/27/2003
Ponza Jack Christopher 2003 Champs: North Dakota 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
Orb Control Brian Kelly 2003 Champs: Virginia 5th-8th 10/27/2003
BW Control Jim Marden 2003 Champs: Maine 9th-16th 10/27/2003
Elves! Andrew Currall 2003 Champs: Oxfordshire, UK 5th-8th 10/27/2003
Affinity Martin Lawrence 2003 Champs: Wales, England 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
Affinity Kyle Fall 2003 Champs: Prince Edward Island, CA 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
Zombies Wes Addison 2003 Champs: Georgia 5th-8th 10/27/2003
UW Control David Crewe 2003 Champs: Queensland, AU 1st 10/27/2003
Astral Slide James Zhang 2003 Champs: New South Wales, AU 1st 10/27/2003
MWC Shawn Richardson 2003 Champs: South Dakota 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
Goblin Bidding Kameron Case 2003 Champs: California 3rd-4th 10/27/2003
RG Aggro LD Erik Olsen 2003 Champs: New York 5th-8th 10/27/2003
Zombies James Gray 2003 Champs: Georgia 9th-16th 10/27/2003
Goblin Bidding Anthony Lombardi 2003 Champs: Illinois 5th-8th 10/27/2003
Goblin Bidding Andrew Gordon 2003 Champs: Victoria, AU 1st 10/27/2003
RG Land D Michael Gunter 2003 Champs: Georgia 9th-16th 10/26/2003
Astral Slide Ricardo Berrios 2003 Champs: Puerto Rico 3rd-4th 10/26/2003
GW Control David Gagnon 2003 Champs: Quebec, CA 5th-8th 10/26/2003
Orb Mill Richard Edwards 2003 Champs: Western Australia 5th-8th 10/26/2003
UW Control Tony Menzer 2003 Champs: Oklahoma 5th-8th 10/26/2003
Goblin Bidding Greg Wilder 2003 Champs: Alabama 5th-8th 10/26/2003
BW Control Jason Tate 2003 Champs: Louisiana 1st 10/26/2003
Goblin Bidding Tyler O'Myer 2003 Champs: Montana 3rd-4th 10/26/2003
Goblin Bidding Nik Lindsay 2003 Champs: Montana 2nd 10/26/2003
Goblin Bidding Kyle Corrie 2003 Champs: Texas 3rd-4th 10/26/2003
Zombies Casimir Rodriguez 2003 Champs: Illinois 5th-8th 10/26/2003
RG Land D Curtis Goolsby 2003 Champs: Arkansas 1st 10/26/2003
MBC with Dudes Lian Pizzey 2003 Champs: Derbyshire, England 1st 10/26/2003

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