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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
U/W Control Frank Schafer 3/22/2004
Astral Slide Kai Kammin 3/22/2004
Ravager Affinity Falko Sacher 3/22/2004
Secret Blue Tech RogueManRyan 3/22/2004
RG POWER IfritBR 3/22/2004
Egeo's egeo 3/22/2004
Ascension 2 Sundering_Dragon 3/22/2004
March of the Darksteel Brogan Adams 3/21/2004
ravager 2.0 ethraelur 3/21/2004
Astral Slide Adrian Popescu 3/21/2004
Goblin Bidding Adrian Popescu 3/21/2004
Ravager Affinity Adrian Popescu 3/21/2004
Astral Slide Phil Smith 3/21/2004
Ravager Affinity Zvi Mowshowitz 3/21/2004
MWC 4.0 DarkSoul742 3/21/2004
white weenie mold 3/21/2004
I Release the Hoardes! JonoKinnes 3/21/2004
monoblue shit cantuna 3/21/2004
weenie beenie lego_mark 3/21/2004
Combo Affinity Yabuki 3/20/2004
Astral Slide U/W j_ehni 3/20/2004
Clamp bidding DarkSoul742 3/20/2004
Mono-Red ComboRush yokoyoko 3/19/2004
Put it on my Credit Card kiki1 3/19/2004
Tricolor Beatdown Csquare 3/18/2004
arcbound Csquare 3/18/2004
White Weenie Csquare 3/18/2004
Cloud Cemetary Brian Kibler 3/18/2004
Darksteel White Weenie Jarrod Bright 3/18/2004
Slide Michael Rabenberg 3/18/2004
The Rock Carsten Dannowski 2004 Regionals: Germany 3rd-4th 3/18/2004
Slide Kai Kammin 2004 Regionals: Germany 1st 3/18/2004
Mono White Control Isabelle Fonchain 2004 Regionals: France 2nd 3/18/2004
Goblin Bidding Alexander Bernwald 2004 Regionals: Germany 1st 3/18/2004
Affinity Maxime Hetzien 2004 Regionals: France 3rd-4th 3/18/2004
Ravager Affinity Pierre Malherbaud 2004 Regionals: France 1st 3/18/2004
The Hernia Blake Murdoch 3/18/2004
Ravager AFF stephisto47 3/18/2004
Richie's Lynch Mob Lil_Nate 3/18/2004
affinity ravager3 sliverfan20 3/18/2004
affinity ravager2 sliverfan20 3/18/2004
affinity ravager sliverfan20 3/18/2004
Viable Sarnia Affinity??? mmirch54 3/17/2004
Popcorn Joe Mix 3/17/2004
B/G Control Kenny Ignacio 3/17/2004
Goblin Bidding Chun-Hang Lam 2004 Regionals: Hong Kong 5th-8th 3/17/2004
Clamp Cemetery Vicky Fu 2004 Regionals: Hong Kong 5th-8th 3/17/2004
Dead Cloud Huen Long Kwan 2004 Regionals: Hong Kong 5th-8th 3/17/2004
Goblin Bidding Kim Wai Au 2004 Regionals: Hong Kong 5th-8th 3/17/2004
Moldy Hermit Andrew Heung 2004 Regionals: Hong Kong 3rd-4th 3/17/2004

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