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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
GB Midrange Tom P 2/12/2017
Rb Aggro JKnoebel 2/12/2017
GB (work in progress) Hellio DW 2/12/2017
RG Energy White Calamus 2/12/2017
RG ENERGY Last Dinosaur 2/12/2017
MBC spgscarrotasdASdfdfsa 2/12/2017
Jeskai Control Wesley Wong 2/12/2017
Blink Land Ramp Stompy Malbrecht 2/11/2017
Flash Cats Millon 2/11/2017
red b zymtra 2/11/2017
R/W Speed Brantley Taylor 2/11/2017
Fire in the Forest Runewo1f 2/11/2017
Grixis Control TeamFlashwurm 2/11/2017
BG Snakes on a Plane TeamFlashwurm 2/11/2017
B/R Madness Cfraut 2/11/2017
Madness of Vampires SirChris38 2/10/2017
UB Animation Module Booshka 2/10/2017
Esper Superfriends zaxadillo 2/10/2017
Servo mimic Booshka 2/10/2017
Mono black (comment plz) VampTutor 2/10/2017
Tezz Statuary Control Ragner86 2/10/2017
Grixis Control Dvious89 2/10/2017
BURN, BURN, BURN Ragner86 2/10/2017
Gruul ENERGY BouShea8205 2/10/2017
Mardu Reanimator BouShea8205 2/10/2017
Needed Cards BouShea8205 2/10/2017
GW Human BouShea8205 2/10/2017
Inventors Googles BouShea8205 2/10/2017
BGearhulk Sporter 2/10/2017
BW Control El Biblio 2/10/2017
Ballista combo control V.02 Ragner86 2/10/2017
Green-White Humans Craig Wescoe 2/10/2017
Four-Color "Dogs in Boats" Craig Wescoe 2/10/2017
Mono-White "Dogs in Boats" Craig Wescoe 2/10/2017
Jund Energy Aggro TheMTGWizards 2/10/2017
Esper Control Calebmich 2/10/2017
Aetherbored reapersaurus! 2/10/2017
Red-white artifacts Jessay 2/10/2017
Red-white artifacts Jessay 2/10/2017
Blue/Black Zombie Sam625 2/10/2017
BG Energy Glaciuz 2/9/2017
Red Blue Improvise Artifacts Ragner86 2/9/2017
BR Aggro raffaelenoro 2/9/2017
Robots Snake221 2/9/2017
Junk Counters Austin Doughty 2/9/2017
BW Life gain miekmende 2/9/2017
Four-Color Flash sai_2011 2/9/2017
Mono-Black Eldrazi Dirge41 2/9/2017
Sultai Control Jun Ishihara 2017 Pro Tour Aether Revolt 2/9/2017
U/B Control 2.0 pederclan1 2/9/2017

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