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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Simic Loopholes SithDragon33 8/17/2017
Standard Desert Tribal Azhaiel 8/17/2017
Meren lemonbread 8/16/2017
Jund aggro (competitive) Killerbeastsnipe 8/16/2017
GW Tokens Rotation Proof aidenpk 8/15/2017
Jund aggro (competitive) Killerbeastsnipe 8/15/2017
G/U Ramp Chaoticwayz 8/12/2017
Sultai Control - non-budget Killerbeastsnipe 8/11/2017
B/G Constrictor Louisbach MTGO Standard MOCS 8/6/17 5th-8th 8/8/2017
Super Friends 5c walkers 8/8/2017
Jund Aggro P_Lowkey 8/8/2017
Gatewatch Sliver Swarm Ophei 8/6/2017
Abzan Nic Fit Ryair 8/6/2017
Simic Luxa River SithDragon33 8/2/2017
B/G Constrictor Louis Bachaud Pro Tour Hour of Devastation 17th-32nd 7/30/2017
Jund Lands RevHeat 7/30/2017
Temur Energy Joe Lam Pro Tour Hour of Devastation 33rd-64th 7/30/2017
Gitrog Excavator chadderXcheese 7/30/2017
B/G Energy Ken Yukuhiro Pro Tour Amonkhet 3rd-4th 7/28/2017
Lands Zack Dalton SCG Classic Legacy - Atlanta - 7/23/17 9th-16th 7/24/2017
Temur Energy John Scianni SCG Atlanta Team Open - Standard - 7/22/17 17th-32nd 7/24/2017
Titania, Protector of Argoth TuxedoJackson 7/24/2017
Jund Energy SirChris38 7/23/2017
Junk Nic Fit (HOU) jwu31 7/17/2017
R/G Ramp Michael McClure SCG Open Standard - Cincinnati - 7/15/17 33rd-64th 7/17/2017
Bant Spirits Mario Cribari SCG Open Standard - Cincinnati - 7/15/17 17th-32nd 7/17/2017
Sneak Fit Everodd22 7/14/2017
Red-Green Ramp Todd Stevens 7/13/2017
Atraxa Nic Fit Everodd22 7/5/2017
g/b land delirium Elednor 7/3/2017
Gitr Yellowjester 7/1/2017
Temur Dynavolt Sad Panda 187 6/30/2017
BUG Nic Fit v.2 Everodd22 6/29/2017
4c Glorious Super Friends Coldlogix 6/24/2017
G/B energy gizmo0485 6/24/2017
RG Monsters Criffer 6/23/2017
RG Gruul of Amonkhet BaconLaserBeam 6/21/2017
Jund lucky_dragon MTGO Competitive Standard League: 6/19-6/25 6/20/2017
Bant Flash abyloser123 MTGO Competitive Standard League: 6/12-6/18 6/19/2017
saltai dilirium gizmo0485 6/18/2017
B/G Constrictor NYJ1028 MTGO Competitive Standard League: 6/12-6/18 6/14/2017
Abzan superfriends Vezorick 6/14/2017
New BTL numerounopapa 6/13/2017
Scapeshift Micah Dilts SCG Open Modern - Charlotte - 6/10/17 17th-32nd 6/13/2017
Four Color Planeswalkers Will Jonathan 6/10/2017
Mono Green Tokens Ultra Budget DissLexical 6/10/2017
Budget Naya Midrange SimonSkolar 6/7/2017
B/G Counters Crimson 6/7/2017
GW Delirium Kasper1023 6/7/2017
Monogreen Devotion Matt Rob 6/6/2017

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