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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
super budget mono black panharmanicon reeddawnvaka 9/20/2017
Meren Commander tgsc208 9/11/2017
Blink 182 Barrydope 9/10/2017
Thopter Copter Yoru 9/9/2017
Hazezon Tamar Bushido 9/5/2017
Gonti A1CDocHoliday 9/3/2017
Kaladesh Reservoir Deck Jamaniac 8/30/2017
Evan Davis non-land rares - for sale Evan 8/27/2017
ally tribal TheGuyWhpDoes12 8/26/2017
Purphoros edh darthsabinus 8/23/2017
Norin arcaneforest 8/23/2017
Norin arcaneforest 8/22/2017
Harvest Time WolfWar 8/21/2017
Simic Loopholes SithDragon33 8/17/2017
Trostani Life Gain Tokens adamcordova 8/15/2017
Bant Guys Hangry 8/13/2017
Breya's Token Diversity Pluvian 8/12/2017
Atraxa's Harley Progress 8/12/2017
The Aetherborn Identity Sabat9Actual 8/11/2017
Rotation Proof Servos TheNuggetNed 8/10/2017
servo combo servantman 8/9/2017
Chainer's Devotion Pluvian 8/6/2017
UB Scarab God Triskelia 8/4/2017
Meren of Clan Nel Toth EDH Tanner Cruse 8/4/2017
Test White Panharmonican EvoJ 7/27/2017
Mono White LifelinkReservoir BearClawBrownjamminBuck 7/20/2017
Sphinx Tribal BouShea8205 7/20/2017
Kaalia of the vast Deckbuilds 7/18/2017
Norin from Mike Changing 7/17/2017
Sphinx Tribal TMS Wedge 7/16/2017
eta Tylor 7/15/2017
Unspeakable evil. Rawberry 7/14/2017
Mirage Mirror Standard kfc 7/13/2017
Tazri Deckbuilds 7/10/2017
mono black Rawberry 7/10/2017
Abzanharmonicon RLaneyPerc 7/7/2017
Karador ETB JemberaMakoa 7/1/2017
norin command Jahoob 6/30/2017
Daretti Commander Token Tom 6/28/2017
Helix pinacle Jilkouras 6/25/2017
Drey Drey 6/20/2017
W/G Catharmonicon Baryshnikov 6/20/2017
County Man [Simic Counter EDH] AcupunctureSoup 6/19/2017
Thopters for Days RLaneyPerc 6/13/2017
Tazri loserbob 6/11/2017
kefnet budget 1.5 Gojira 6/9/2017
Perpetual Motion Squad Androcider 6/8/2017
Mono Black Devotion OTPHJ 6/5/2017
General Tazri WolfWar 6/1/2017
Mono black panharmonicon by SBMTG Chris52695 6/1/2017

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