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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Aetherborn Standard SithDragon33 9/20/2017
Red white soldier deck boros SithDragon33 9/19/2017
WUR Wizards SithDragon33 9/18/2017
REVOLT MORE SithDragon33 9/9/2017
Izzet Kaladesh Style SithDragon33 9/4/2017
Another R G Pummeler SithDragon33 9/4/2017
How to torture your foes SithDragon33 9/4/2017
Orzhov 4,000 YEAR debt SithDragon33 9/4/2017
Kefnet the Mindful SithDragon33 9/2/2017
Oketra the True SithDragon33 9/2/2017
serious epic mana ramp SithDragon33 8/25/2017
Pack Rat Attack Trap SithDragon33 8/25/2017
Modernized Golgari Elves SithDragon33 8/23/2017
Oketra Zombie Budget SithDragon33 8/22/2017
AlmondCat Oketra Scarab Zombies SithDragon33 8/22/2017
Rakdos Goblin Swarm (Budget?) SithDragon33 8/21/2017
Selesnyan Army of Tokens! SithDragon33 8/20/2017
Grixis Mill Commander SithDragon33 8/19/2017
Golgari Snakes SithDragon33 8/18/2017
W B R G Warrior Saskia Commander SithDragon33 8/18/2017
"I'd Tap That" SithDragon33 8/17/2017
Simic Loopholes SithDragon33 8/17/2017
Orzhov Servo BUDGET SithDragon33 8/17/2017
Orzhov Artifact Servo SithDragon33 8/17/2017
Izzet Madness Standard SithDragon33 8/17/2017
Dromoka Ajani Deck SithDragon33 8/17/2017
W G Cats Modern SithDragon33 8/17/2017
W G Investigation Tokens SithDragon33 8/17/2017
Poison Remastery SithDragon33 8/14/2017
Standard Mono Black Zombies SithDragon33 8/14/2017
Gruul Energy Artifacts SithDragon33 8/14/2017
Cat Tribal Budget SithDragon33 8/8/2017
Boros Vehicle Deck MKII SithDragon33 8/8/2017
Gruul Landfall Win SithDragon33 8/6/2017
Mono Black Zombie SithDragon33 8/3/2017
Dimir Mill Boss SithDragon33 8/3/2017
Nicol Bolas's Schemes SithDragon33 8/3/2017
Bant Tamiyo Deck SithDragon33 8/3/2017
Orzhov Vampire SithDragon33 8/2/2017
Golgari Eldrazi Deck SithDragon33 8/2/2017
Mono Red BURN! SithDragon33 8/2/2017
Esper Zombie Deck SithDragon33 8/2/2017
Simic Luxa River SithDragon33 8/2/2017
Boros Vehical Pilots SithDragon33 8/2/2017
White Blue Azorius Aggro Combo SithDragon33 8/2/2017
Rakdos Neheb Madness SithDragon33 8/2/2017

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