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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Fast and Furious Dwarfs PickleRickBoi69 12/23/2018
Dwarves {EDH} SithDragon33 9/6/2018
Gideon of the Trials ColdPier MTGO Brawl League: 08/11/18 8/15/2018
Mono White Junk Rares in Amonkhet Standard Heltta 7/6/2018
Sram, Senior Edificer sivek MTGO Brawl League: 06/24/18 6/25/2018
Abzan Sagas Bolun Zhang Grand Prix Pittsburgh 2018 9th-16th 6/25/2018
Lyra Dawnbringer hpqwlx MTGO Brawl League: 06/17/18 6/18/2018
Sram, Senior Edificer sivek MTGO Brawl League: 06/10/18 6/11/2018
White Junk rares Abyss 6/10/2018
Gideon of the Trials DreamKing20XX MTGO Brawl League: 06/03/18 6/4/2018
Mono White Midrange SBMTG_Dev 5/27/2018
Wurm Revolt v2 Cam 5/23/2018
Jeskai Energy magicdlf-MTG MTGO Competitive Standard League: 04/09/18 4/10/2018
Trade Binder - White Wolf-Bot 3/24/2018
Trade Binder Wolf-Bot 3/24/2018
Junk Rare White Muneer4444 2/10/2018
Abzan Revolt ShwyGuy 12/18/2017
My soul Grimpatches 12/3/2017
Mono-White Junk Rares (SBMtG) fumatto 11/23/2017
ENERGIZE!!! Taco Master 11/12/2017
Mono white aggro Tokens GoodGuyDad 10/7/2017
W/U God Pharaoh's Gift Daneel Olivaw MTGO Competitive Standard League: 9/18-9/24 9/25/2017
R/W Vehicles Bishop989 MTGO Competitive Standard League: 9/4-9/10 9/10/2017
Depala, Pilot Exemplar EDH Cspiderwebb 7/19/2017
cheap dwarf commander Cspiderwebb 7/18/2017
Depala Walker Budget Megallica 6/21/2017
Depala Swayze 6/14/2017
Buylist UltimaDestructo 5/14/2017
Bounce Energy Saddlebags 5/9/2017
AER On Cube Draft aidenpk 4/30/2017
Aer On Cube Draft aidenpk 4/22/2017
Boros Aggro Amonkhet aidenpk 4/14/2017
Ajani from Magic Duels Dnomy 4/3/2017
Mardu Vechicles Starkller919 3/22/2017
G/W Revolt Kitsutenma 3/6/2017
Abzan Revolt TogekissMaster 3/4/2017
Abzan Revolt TogekissMaster 3/4/2017
Abzan Revolt TogekissMaster 3/4/2017
G/W Standard Budget aidenpk 2/27/2017
W/U Flash Crazychicken5574 2/25/2017
All The Energy Tylees90 2/23/2017
Revolution Calling Showfreak99 2/15/2017
Dwarf Tribal Marshal Sleep Deprived 2/14/2017
R/W Speed Brantley Taylor 2/11/2017
Collection Price Guide Markxman 2/7/2017
Mardu Vehicles Samuel Pardee 2017 Pro Tour Aether Revolt 33rd-64th 2/5/2017
GW Aggro Glaciuz 2/2/2017
Aetherworks Marvel Yuuma Higuchi 2/2/2017
STD Naya Tower BoomBoomStormCloud 1/30/2017
BW Aggro 2.0 Glaciuz 1/30/2017

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