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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Geist EDH certee 11/7/2019
Ak-47 DinosaurRocketshp 11/2/2019
Oloro Ageless Ascetic EDH Intetra 10/28/2019
Kuldotha Boros fancypants106 10/28/2019
Chulane Teller of Tales AFFINITY VS Magic 10/21/2019
Aminatou combo Pichuxan 10/18/2019
Jan's Gerrard Eggs Deck The Spike Feeders 10/17/2019
The Deck of Jacob Dryzen 10/15/2019
Licia, Life's a Game | BATTLE OF THE BREWS Commander's Brew 10/12/2019
typical artifact deck Algonquin 10/5/2019
Vicious Little Toasters RinTinBrim 9/28/2019
ORDER jaystone11 8/28/2019
Artifact Affinity Exquisite Pauper 8/25/2019
mardu snow monarch rlueth97 8/15/2019
mardu snow monarch rlueth97 8/15/2019
mardu snow monarch rlueth97 8/15/2019
Breya, Etherium Shaper KingLonsur 8/14/2019
Legacy Thopters 8.10.19 BoomBoomStormCloud 8/11/2019
Pauper?? Maro 8/11/2019
Rafiq of the Many Equipment Magician of Dark Chaos 8/6/2019
Brago EDH TheAlphaXY 8/5/2019
Martin's Breya, Etherium Shaper Deck Affinity For Commander 7/17/2019
Alex's Arahbo, Roar of the World deck Affinity For Commander 7/11/2019
Zur 2 whodatcollins 6/22/2019
SG Deck Versaillez 6/19/2019
Sharuum Artifacts JChampe 6/8/2019
Sen Triplets EDH Quartich 6/6/2019
Breya, Etherium Shaper Big Red1134 6/3/2019
Sydri Personal Lellowlad 5/28/2019
Feather Value Bounce Jack-Henry B. 5/26/2019
Sydri, Galvanic Genius - Commander Arara 5/21/2019
Breya EDH Budget Pthalo 5/20/2019
Cards In My Cart! Jack-Henry B. 5/12/2019
Incomplete Affinity Karkids 5/9/2019
Akiri, Equipment Slinger Walnut 5/4/2019
Artifact (suggestions?) Nashbeez 5/3/2019
annihilator MR dewitt 5/2/2019
reap what you sow MR dewitt 4/30/2019
Vehicular Dwarfslaughter PraisCthulhu 4/17/2019
Life.. Borrow Serben 4/15/2019
mmmmmm mono099 4/13/2019
Sen Triplets (esper) EDH WaywardSon8910 4/1/2019
Sen Trips krak_is_bad 3/28/2019
boros trial xyrojj 3/19/2019
Aggro Artifacts SamuraiJackReturnsHome 2/26/2019
VroomVroom Jefferham 2/26/2019
token army hjwh92rydhujaikdhbhns 2/25/2019
Depala josh147 2/24/2019
pauper affinity Gabe Duma 2/19/2019
the MACHINE keenis707 2/16/2019

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