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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
God-Eternal Oketra EDH Meryn 7/31/2019
Bant Angel Tribal Beauregards 7/30/2019
sorins oath breaker Mr.Monday115 7/29/2019
WRG no idea Bird 7/18/2019
Commander cube Zen Ho 7/17/2019
wipe out MR dewitt 7/9/2019
Azor, the Card Advantage Bringer Xizor14 7/8/2019
Real Good CHEAP ;) Praetor Commander WIP VeryBulbasore 6/27/2019
Kaalia (EDH) DirePremonition 6/19/2019
five color pod MillstoneM19 6/11/2019
Tamiyo ANGELS Oathbreaker Tedco.exe 6/9/2019
Legendary Sisay [CURV] curv06 6/2/2019
Kaalia of the Vast KingLonsur 5/31/2019
kaalia big d terresh 5/30/2019
Odric, lunarch marshal EDH Pnakotic 5/24/2019
Exalted trial Vyse 5/21/2019
Exalted trial Vyse 5/21/2019
Zur the Enchanter STAX Meryn 5/18/2019
Five Color Prison Chaos Leonin1911 5/16/2019
Kaali Pouncey 5/14/2019
Five-Color Prison Proliferate Lifegain Combo Leonin1911 5/9/2019
Mayael The Anima otom1818 5/8/2019
the undying MR dewitt 5/8/2019
Mayeal rlueth97 5/8/2019
Angels rlueth97 5/8/2019
Serras Sanctum BjornTheSavageHanded 5/4/2019
Serras Sanctum BjornTheSavageHanded 5/4/2019
serras sanctum BjornTheSavageHanded 5/4/2019
To "Err..." is Human B3stBoyMineta 5/4/2019
Elysium Fields BjornTheSavageHanded 5/4/2019
ying and yang MR dewitt 5/3/2019
legion of legends MR dewitt 5/3/2019
planes of war MR dewitt 5/3/2019
pardon me MR dewitt 5/3/2019
stairway to heaven MR dewitt 5/3/2019
Rubinia Soulsinger Wolf-Bot 5/3/2019
Cat Lifegain Swarm Commander Leonin1911 5/1/2019
All Comes From One, One May Yet Consume All 2.0 Requiem Angel 4/24/2019
Atraxa +1/+1 Graveyard Recursion The All-Maker 4/22/2019
kaaaalia 54thseason 4/13/2019
Weenie Angels Asiris 3/31/2019
"Jodah and the Legendaries" PoisonRain13 3/26/2019
Mono-White De-"Goat"-tion TravelFast 3/14/2019
Mayael Value EDH WantedWarlock 3/10/2019
order 2.0 SBGAMBIT 3/9/2019
Kaalia of the vast graveyard 1.1.006D Flotsam 3/7/2019
Kaalia of the vast graveyard 1.1.005c Flotsam 3/7/2019
kkkk 54thseason 3/6/2019
Boros Angel Tribe [CURV] curv06 3/6/2019
Angelic Council GreedSlayer 3/5/2019

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