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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
EDH KingMoose 4/12/2021
Jund Dragons eugeneticzz 4/11/2021
Black Green Abomination of Llanowar EDH MightyGauntlet2 4/11/2021
Golgari Eddo 4/10/2021
Z5 KingMoose 4/9/2021
Vex's Fungal Explosion VEX MTG 4/7/2021
Counterproductive ÒwÓwen 4/6/2021
Vorinclex dubsinthetubs 4/5/2021
Nikya JelloChlorine 4/1/2021
Golos Atilla 3/31/2021
Hamza, Guardian of Arashin | Decks You Should Build Once Ashbash155 3/31/2021
Hazezon Tamar EDH ChainofCommander 3/29/2021
Nemata Commander McNuggetz 3/24/2021
Kadena Commander McNuggetz 3/24/2021
Brokkos Mutate Kyeran 3/23/2021
nik-yuh Slade_the_ 3/23/2021
elves black green BeeBane 3/23/2021
elves mana ramp BeeBane 3/22/2021
Zacama Gaius 3/22/2021
1p buns 3/22/2021
Vex's Double Trouble VEX MTG 3/22/2021
Elf Rock No Densetsu 2 Everodd22 3/22/2021
Lathril, Blade of the Elves Purploros 3/21/2021
Marisi Slmochie 3/21/2021
Marisi Slmochie 3/21/2021
Balvis Toughness Broseidon 3/19/2021
Nylea, Keen-Eyed | The Commander's Quarters The Commander's Quarters 3/19/2021
Nylea, Keen-Eyed - Upgraded | The Commander's Quarters The Commander's Quarters 3/19/2021
Esika, and the Lengend of Elves WildfyreMusic 3/18/2021
Nylea, Keen-Eyed - Upgraded | CQ Early CQ Early Access 3/18/2021
Nylea, Keen-Eyed | CQ Early CQ Early Access 3/18/2021
Hamza, Guardian of Arashin Budget Ashbash155 3/17/2021
Oops! All Creatures Ardipithicus 3/12/2021
Martin's Lathril Blade of the Elves deck Affinity For Commander 3/10/2021
Xenagos Stompy Stomp Ardipithicus 3/10/2021
Yeet ChaoticOrc4 3/7/2021
Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig 2021 HitThings1114 3/6/2021
Golgari Elves Reanimate subtheme Ardipithicus 3/5/2021
Kraumdama Casually Competitive 3/5/2021
I Play Magic Helmus 3/3/2021
Matt's Lathiel, the bounteous Dawn deck Affinity For Commander 3/1/2021
Omnath, Locus of Mana ChickenBud 2/27/2021
Budget turbo Chulane Desed 2/26/2021
Vex's Queen of the Elven Empire VEX MTG 2/26/2021
Brokkos budget bros KingGhidorah 2/24/2021
Lathril, Elvish Forces Xelpher 2/23/2021
druids shadoscuro 2/23/2021
Klothys Beasts ManfredPlusMagic 2/21/2021
Esika, God Tribal Common Command 2/16/2021
Stuff to sell Broseidon 2/15/2021

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