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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Merfolk Budget EDH APaL- 8/2/2020
EDRIC no touchy The Kearns 7/29/2020
xyris group draw Electriccrabz 7/25/2020
Etrata EDH xyrojj 7/20/2020
Locust God Wheels Algonquin 7/19/2020
;kbvh WTFTribal 7/15/2020
Pretty much a net deck WTFTribal 7/15/2020
Child of Alara - Gods RevHavoc 7/14/2020
Thassa's Ocean Deep tfay11 7/13/2020
Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow Toolebiey 7/9/2020
Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur DaddyXD MTG DaddyXD 7/9/2020
xjxjjx phymet 7/5/2020
Budget Brokkos phymet 7/5/2020
Flashy HIstoric James the furry 7/2/2020
Etrata Flicker Toolebiey 6/29/2020
Yuriko ninjas edh Kookiemuker 6/22/2020
rawr sea monsters! bjen11 6/19/2020
Akim and All His Beautiful Birds The Mana Confluence 6/19/2020
Kangee, Aerie Keeper EDH The Mana Confluence 6/17/2020
Progenitus EpicGamer162 6/13/2020
Yuriko BlastBeat 6/12/2020
Collection Tanner Cruse 6/12/2020
Unblocked TrueHero777 6/9/2020
Grixis ninjutsu hmrudejp 6/8/2020
Locust EdolasNatsu931 6/8/2020
Collection To Be Sold slach2000 6/6/2020
Unblockable Infect SamuraiJackReturnsHome 6/4/2020
It's Morophon Time Everodd22 5/23/2020
Kykar, Wind's Fury | commander Tune-Ups #47 Nitpicking Nerds 5/20/2020
Sleeping Isle badcool011 5/19/2020
Karona False God The Kearns 5/14/2020
Talrand - Death From Above RojoTheGreat 5/14/2020
Alela's Fearsome Faeries RykerTheReaper 5/10/2020
The Locust God Mark Nestico 5/8/2020
Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow Mark Nestico 5/8/2020
i have no job 69 BeardedAngel96 5/5/2020
I Hate Bears Magic: the Giraffe 5/3/2020
Talrand No means No Juicebox 4/30/2020
Surrak Dragonclaw | The Commander's Quarters - Upgraded The Commander's Quarters 4/23/2020
Surrak Dragonclaw | The Commander's Quarters The Commander's Quarters 4/23/2020
Surrak Dragonclaw | CQ Early - Upgraded CQ Early Access 4/23/2020
Surrak Dragonclaw | CQ Early CQ Early Access 4/23/2020
Merfolk Commander Jewy 4/23/2020
Tetsuko wheel/ infect Scavenging is fun 4/22/2020
Arixmethes Sea Monsters Joran_Umbra 4/11/2020
Go to Pharaoh, for I have hardened his heart augustebee 4/6/2020
Alela Brerark 4/5/2020
+1/ +1 Counters matter Antoine 4/3/2020
Tetsuko Unblockable Ashbash155 3/30/2020
Sygg, River Cutthroat EDH Hainoit 3/27/2020
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