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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Don JKirej000 4/9/2021
Krrik Sorrynshyt 4/7/2021
Spirit Mommy Strideralchemy 3/28/2021
Vampires Strideralchemy 3/28/2021
OG Athreos Commander McNuggetz 3/24/2021
Kokusho Commander McNuggetz 3/24/2021
Yawgmoth combo and proliferate Kyeran 3/23/2021
korvold land edh GlubDaPhish 3/16/2021
Korvold lands edh GlubDaPhish 3/16/2021
Daddy Said So Strideralchemy 3/10/2021
Mill Deck boioioioi Traehead 3/10/2021
Coronavirus Strideralchemy 3/9/2021
Drana (Old) pijeon 3/9/2021
Drana (Old) pijeon 3/9/2021
Athreos non budget Cthulhu 3/5/2021
RATS JohnPkmn 2/23/2021
Tergrid, God of Fright jolt539 2/12/2021
Tergrid cEDH Casually Competitive 2/11/2021
Vex's Rogues in the Night VEX MTG 2/11/2021
Vex's No Drain, No Gain VEX MTG 2/8/2021
Vex's A Little Pain Turns Into A Big Gain VEX MTG 2/8/2021
Yawgmoth (EDH) ZJS 2/6/2021
Kaldheim Special - Tergrid Playing With Power MTG 2/4/2021
Vex's What's Yours Is Mine VEX MTG 2/2/2021
Ob Nixilis Vultron Trooper66 1/25/2021
Rankle, Master of Pranks Carthador 1/17/2021
Artifacts Wrath DementedChaos01 1/14/2021
Karlov of the Ghost Council Rikon 1/9/2021
sg wd 1/3/2021
Scarab God Expensive wd 1/1/2021
Shadows Cometh Magnisious 12/18/2020
Decky for Gecky Lis 12/13/2020
Prava and Tevesh Death Match NickyBolas 12/11/2020
554548kk Alpha123 12/8/2020
12151l Alpha123 12/8/2020
Lord Windgrace In Response_EDH 12/5/2020
Sygg, River Cutthroat In Response_EDH 12/3/2020
Glissa, the Traitor In Response_EDH 12/2/2020
Erebos (Commander) Helmut 11/30/2020
Prossh - Commander Dang_Gum 11/28/2020
EDH Must Haves part 2 Ashbash155 11/25/2020
Combooooooo Mtg Janky Decks 11/21/2020
EDH Staple Wishlist Karny 11/16/2020
xtrcyvubhinjklm; gil 11/15/2020
yvgubh gil 11/15/2020
gh jk gil 11/15/2020
rtuybin gil 11/15/2020
Markov Wishlist Karny 11/13/2020
Nevinyrral, Urborg Tyrant Joube 11/5/2020
Korvold Lands pillsburydeadboy 11/5/2020

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