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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Sydri Budhet Under 25 FedeTasty 5/3/2021
Tergrid's Systematic Goblin Oppression MARALAGOPUxxYTROLL 5/1/2021
black modern somethingsomethingdarkside 4/22/2021
Mono Black Devotion peepoopeepo 4/13/2021
Zombies Modern JetVermillion 4/12/2021
Dang Liliana SeniorSlinky 4/11/2021
Valki/Tibalt Deck Eddo 4/10/2021
srgfgsdfgsdfg regal 4/6/2021
collection 123 regal 4/6/2021
Graverobbing and Killing, Good Christian Activities Hagaschi Miyagi 4/5/2021
Wydwen's Teachings Tides of iO 4/1/2021
Sultai Teachings SinCity MTG 3/31/2021
U/B Budget Mill MinimalEffort 3/30/2021
Mono Black Control SinCity MTG 3/29/2021
Tariel Reanimator TheTrueYoda1 3/29/2021
Jund Cascade SinCity MTG 3/28/2021
BW Omen Pestilence SinCity MTG 3/28/2021
UB Thopter Sword CoolDoggo 3/27/2021
Grixis Teachings SinCity MTG 3/26/2021
Araumi Budget U25 FedeTasty 3/25/2021
GB Midrange SinCity MTG 3/20/2021
Mono Black Madness SinCity MTG 3/20/2021
BW Pestilence SinCity MTG 3/13/2021
Rakdos Midrange SinCity MTG 3/7/2021
Sultai League SinCity MTG 3/5/2021
Kardur Steal and Sac EDH ChainofCommander 3/5/2021
Lantern Control Pauper SinCity MTG 3/3/2021
Grixis Familiar SinCity MTG 2/20/2021
Grixis Familiar SinCity MTG 2/20/2021
Grixis Familiar SinCity MTG 2/20/2021
Sultai Midrange SinCity MTG 2/20/2021
Ill Gotten Deserts SinCity MTG 2/19/2021
UB Delver with Bone Picker SinCity MTG 2/15/2021
Death Sawyakisauce 2/11/2021
Sultai Midrange SinCity MTG 1/31/2021
BW Enchantments SinCity MTG 1/23/2021
Chevill the Budget Hunter BruhYouFarted 1/18/2021
Jund Cascade SinCity MTG 1/10/2021
Shattergang Brothers Budget $100 In Response_EDH 1/9/2021
Esper Pestilence SinCity MTG 1/8/2021
W/B Oops, All Legends! Vayra 1/7/2021
Partners in Crime TheojenSankho 1/2/2021
Grixis Metalcraft SinCity MTG 12/23/2020
Orzhov Control TimeTraveler1990 12/22/2020
5 color Ephemerate SinCity MTG 12/18/2020
EDH Boxing League - Game 1 - Jodah Playing With Power MTG 12/14/2020
Rayami, First of the Fallen In Response_EDH 12/12/2020
Vampires DEEK 12/11/2020
Vampire (Karen) DEEK 12/11/2020
Malcolm / Tevesh Draft Casually Competitive 12/6/2020

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