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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Budget Sen Triplets OttoWise 10/23/2018
Raff 'Mr.Flashy flash' Budget deck Alex Hitchen 10/20/2018
Selenia Life Hacks Adayum 10/17/2018
Kiki Chord Kurusu MTGO Competitive Modern League: 10/12/2018 10/16/2018
Selenia, Dark Angel | The Commander's Quarters The Commander's Quarters 10/11/2018
Copycat Combo Mig 9/30/2018
Boros Aggro Blkvox 9/20/2018
Orzhov Knights Valmo 9/18/2018
Spectral Waltz Kharn2 9/8/2018
W/U God-Pharaoh's Gift SantoHell MTGO Competitive Standard League: 09/03/18 9/5/2018
Balan DarkSpark156 9/4/2018
Sen Triplets RazorX_83 9/1/2018
Commander Players! Take Advantage of Rotation and Buy Kaladesh JumboCommander 9/1/2018
Martyr Monument Corbin Hosler 8/27/2018
Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign an Odd Build JumboCommander 8/24/2018
U/W Control KPAK2065 8/21/2018
Jeskai God-Pharaoh's Gift Habs11 MTGO Competitive Standard League: 08/13/18 8/15/2018
W/U GPG Thomas van der Paelt Pro Tour 25th Anniversary - Standard 3rd-4th 8/6/2018
health and enchantments lerper 8/1/2018
Mono white prison Homelander 6/18/2018
Karador RDsparty1 6/16/2018
Huatli, Warrior Poet chenstein9 MTGO Brawl League: 06/10/18 6/11/2018
G/W Explore arcto 6/10/2018
Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts Wolf-Bot 6/9/2018
Golden guardians Deckman 5/26/2018
Jeskai Blink Anthony9903X 5/11/2018
Enter the WU Dr. Jimathy 5/8/2018
G/W Company Zachary Goldman SCG Classic Modern - Baltimore - 05/06/2018 9th-16th 5/7/2018
W/U Artifacts Uniq MTGO Competitive Standard League: 04/30/18 5/1/2018
W/U God-Pharaoh's Gift togit460 MTGO Standard PTQ - 04/28/18 9th-16th 4/30/2018
Eldrazi Evolution Skylar 4/30/2018
UW gearhulk crash_test 4/28/2018
esper control crash_test 4/28/2018
W/U God-Pharaoh's Gift Fischer88 MTGO Competitive Standard League: 04/12/18 4/12/2018
Teysa Cards Wolf-Bot 4/10/2018
Samut Aggro Orion220 4/8/2018
Jeskai God-Pharaoh's Gift schott MTGO Competitive Standard League: 04/05/18 4/6/2018
What's Azorius? Will Casco 4/1/2018
Karlov of the Ghost Council Big Red1134 3/31/2018
W/U God-Pharaoh's Gift PykaPower MTGO Competitive Standard League: 03/29/18 3/30/2018
Madcap Madness Kingjes 3/26/2018
Thalia White Control CreatureFeature 3/23/2018
W/U Control bennyhillz MTGO Competitive Modern League: 03/20/18 3/22/2018
Breya, Kaladesh Paxsean 3/21/2018
Bant Challenge Gomer V1 3/5/2018
Artifact Construct cschuetter21 2/23/2018
U/W GPG Rayneislife 2/21/2018
Mardu Aggro vixius76 2/17/2018
Jank JohnyDingo 2/17/2018
Esper God-Pharaoh's Gift Kriyu 2/12/2018

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