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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Kaervek pricecheck Raakk 12/23/2018
Commanding Pirates Worldcrafter 12/22/2018
Mizzix EDH opsmminer 12/22/2018
Tajic d topa 12/9/2018
Izzet EDH diktat 11/23/2018
Yidris Chaining Superfriends Stupid Guru 11/7/2018
Lyzolda, the Blood Witch | The Commanders Quarters The Commander's Quarters 10/6/2018
Tajic Legion's Edge Commander JumboCommander 10/4/2018
AJH Brudiclad VolpeC 10/2/2018
Nature's Vengeance RegalTurtle24 9/15/2018
Lord Windgrace EDH Shukku 9/10/2018
Power isn't Everything Cube trine 8/31/2018
uwr edh psnlspaceinvader 8/24/2018
Commander 2018 Windgrace Delpheki1323123 8/14/2018
Squee Control Electropup 8/13/2018
Mizzix of the Izmagnus ERRORx 8/6/2018
Mizzix of the Izmagnus EDH Alex Rotsky 7/29/2018
Nature's Vengeance Cmd 2018 cost Chpow01 7/27/2018
Land destruccion Rascalv2 7/26/2018
Jhoira of the Ghitu ERRORx 7/25/2018
Jhoira Board Wipe Control Kromieus 7/24/2018
Melek Izzet that bad! Jackie251 6/10/2018
wantlist bait 6/9/2018
Najeela Infinite Warriors Kromieus 5/30/2018
Jhoira Board Wipes V1.1 Kromieus 5/26/2018
Jhoira Board Wipes Kromieus 5/25/2018
Mono Red Elementals BuckBeack 5/2/2018
Jhoira of the Ghitu Eldrazi Beatdown Kromieus 5/1/2018
Budget Prossh Kromieus 4/21/2018
Etali, Primal Storm EDH jwplayer0 3/21/2018
Mizzix EDH Havoccultist 3/16/2018
One Shot (Commander) ZombiMan 2/28/2018
Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest (budget) SilentKnight018 2/27/2018
Mizzix DaBeachBall 2/25/2018
ONE PAUNCH!!!! Ceridis 2/9/2018
Malfegor EDH Erenoth02 2/6/2018
Mizzix of the Izmagnus EDH Gabrz 1/22/2018
Neheb Round 1 Nzxer 1/21/2018
You did this to yourself arkieboy72472 12/28/2017
In the Eye of the Storm Stupid Guru 12/5/2017
Akroma, Angel of Fury shelby 10/29/2017
Deck arcaneforest 10/9/2017
Goat Giver roguei4ihire 9/11/2017
Kazuul EDH call_me_ding 9/1/2017
Jund/Karrthus xEpy0n 8/27/2017
Izzet Storm Commander IX32 8/22/2017
Jeskai arcaneforest 8/20/2017
Melek EDH hebrewhammer30 8/12/2017
Shu Yun 35 low blee 8/6/2017
Shu Yun 35 dollar low league blee 8/6/2017

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