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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
zombie Cruiserboy43 11/26/2020
cube BigReg 11/24/2020
Modern: RW Foxy Lockout FluffyWolf 11/23/2020
Modern: Red Prison - The Power 4 Drops FluffyWolf 11/21/2020
Modern: Simply Ponza FluffyWolf 11/19/2020
Modern: RW Lockout Superfriends FluffyWolf 11/16/2020
Grxis superfriends CDHl Maddawg420 11/7/2020
Izzet Creativity Evaros_TTV 11/5/2020
Modern: Klothys Karn Red Prison FluffyWolf 11/4/2020
Purphoros Bronze-Blooded EDH Booster Therapy 11/4/2020
Mardu Burn Control Meryn 10/31/2020
Modern: Dark Pyro (Prison or Midrange) FluffyWolf 10/31/2020
Lord Wingrace Eodom 10/28/2020
Boros Nahiri Wildfire Meryn 10/24/2020
Izzet Creativity! Evaros_TTV 10/23/2020
Modern: KarnzaThragFire v2 FluffyWolf 10/20/2020
Modern: Channeler's Red Punisher FluffyWolf 10/19/2020
Modern: Zirda Sun & Moon FluffyWolf 10/17/2020
Modern: Red Prison - Channeler FluffyWolf 10/15/2020
Modern: Red Prison - Next Gen - V2 FluffyWolf 10/12/2020
Full Moon Fever Aciel 10/7/2020
Nahiri Boom Blkvox 10/6/2020
Myriad Construct Combo Prison Meryn 10/5/2020
TIER 1 JUND SACRIFICE Mtg Janky Decks 10/5/2020
Modern: Charbelcher Prison FluffyWolf 9/28/2020
Aurelia Equipment V.2 Sean Petersen 9/26/2020
Modern: Dark Pryo v2 FluffyWolf 9/12/2020
Zozu the Punisher EDH ChainofCommander 9/11/2020
Gruul Aggro komattaman MTGO Modern Challenge - 09/06/2020 5th-8th 9/10/2020
Naya Winota PioneerMaster 9/10/2020
Modern: Chandra Tribal FluffyWolf 9/9/2020
Modern: Karnza FluffyWolf 9/8/2020
Modern: Dark Pyro Prison FluffyWolf 9/6/2020
Gruul Midrange qbturtle15 MTGO Modern Challenge - 08/29/2020 5th-8th 9/3/2020
Modern: Red Prison 2020 Q4 FluffyWolf 9/1/2020
Modern: Naya Ponza Blade FluffyWolf 8/31/2020
Draretti Dream Draft Maddawg420 8/29/2020
Modern Stax List FluffyWolf 8/20/2020
Rakdos Vehicles exoticherman 8/19/2020
Kenrith Partners EHLAU 8/19/2020
Modern: Red Prison - The Next Gen Heart FluffyWolf 8/18/2020
Modern: Multiple Decks FluffyWolf 8/8/2020
Modern: Klothys Red Prison v2 FluffyWolf 8/8/2020
Modern: Master Red Black Prison FluffyWolf 8/6/2020
Zurzoth EDH Booster Therapy 8/4/2020
Modern: Red Prison - 2020 August FluffyWolf 8/3/2020
Titans of Insantiy Meryn 8/3/2020
cube lenzinho 8/1/2020
Spot Removal! Nitpicking Nerds 7/31/2020
izzet Creativity Evaros_TTV 7/30/2020
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