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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
UW Slide Alex Au Yeung 2003 Regionals - Northern California 9th-16th 5/5/2003
Cunning Wake András Balogh Nationals 2003 Hungary 2nd 5/1/2003
The Hunter 2K3 Cameron Scovil 4/30/2003
Astral Slide Saul Aguado 2003 Regionals Barcelona, Spain 5th-8th 4/21/2003
TurboYuca Luciano E. Ochoa 2003 Regionals Maracibo, Venezuela 5th-8th 4/13/2003
White Weenie Dionisio Hernandez 2003 Regionals Yaracui, Venezuela 1st 4/13/2003
UGw Madness Mario Lucic 2003 Regionals Split, Croatia 5th-8th 4/9/2003
Wg Beats Rodrigo Flores 2003 Regionals Porto Alegre, Brazil 2nd 4/7/2003
Astral Slide Wong Yu Cheng 2003 Regionals Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 3rd-4th 4/7/2003
WW Slide Jakub Smoliñski 2003 Regionals Lublin, Poland 5th-8th 4/2/2003
Clerics Sören Schütte 2003 Regionals Niedersachsen, Germany 5th-8th 3/28/2003
Astral Slide Fabian Basner 2003 Regionals Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 3rd-4th 3/20/2003
Cunning Wake Stephen Williams 2003 Regionals Colchester, England 5th-8th 3/17/2003
GW Beats Calum Stephenson 2003 Regionals Southampton, England 1st 3/17/2003
W/G Beatdown Raymond Clavette 2002 Champs: Connecticut 1st 12/28/2002
Enforcer-Slide Dodge Grootemaat 11/18/2002
Astral Rift Sean Sutton Champs 2002: South Dakota 1st 11/13/2002
Astral Rift ? Champs 2002: Montana 1st 11/13/2002
GW Madness Amanda Doty Champs 2002: Kansas 5th-8th 11/11/2002
G/W Madness John Diesel Champs 2002: Kansas 1st 11/11/2002
Wake n' Bake Micah Bleich Champs 2002: Connecticut 3rd-4th 11/8/2002
Don't Try This David Brain Champs 2002: UK, London 5th-8th 11/5/2002
WW Opposition Greg Lowe Champs 2002: Ohio 3rd-4th 11/5/2002
Astroglide Jory Goehner Champs 2002: Washington 5th-8th 11/5/2002
WG Beats Jason O'Rourke Champs 2002: Missouri 1st 11/4/2002
UW Mobilization Jim Roy Champs 2002: Canada, Alberta 3rd-4th 11/4/2002
Astroglide Rob Foley Champs 2002: Maine 1st 11/4/2002
AstroGlide Alex Player Champs 2002: West Virginia 1st 11/3/2002
GW Beats Josh Mitchell Champs 2002: New Mexico 1st 11/3/2002
The Holy Trinity JJ Stors 10/23/2002
Hunting Grounds Sylvain Lauriol Worlds 2002: Day 1 Decks (5-1) 8/20/2002
UGw Control Daniel Brown Atlanta Open: 2002 5th-8th 7/28/2002
The Hunter Sheng Hsun Hsia GP Taipei: 2002 1st 7/15/2002
Trenches Luis Massaro GP Sao Paulo: 2002 3rd-4th 7/15/2002
Trenches Tomi Walamies Finland Nationals: 2002 1st 4/13/2002
Draw-Go Joseph Allgaier 4/13/2002
Box of Chocolates Zvi Mowshowitz 4/13/2002
Trenches Francisco González Regionals 2002: Spain, Cordoba 1st 4/13/2002
G-W-R Good Stuff Eiji Nomjura GPT Shizuoka: 2001 5th-8th 4/13/2002
Battle of Wits Mark Globus PTQ Osaka: Columbus 1/19/02 3rd-4th 4/13/2002
UG Tempo Gabriel Guerreiro Regionals 2002: Brasil, Guarulhos 3rd-4th 4/13/2002
5C Control Antonio Longo Regionals 2002: Brazil, San Jose 5th-8th 4/13/2002
SSS Alejandro Ganduglia Regionals 2002: Argentina, Buenos Aires 5th-8th 4/13/2002
Junk Dustin Davis Local 1st 4/13/2002
Star Spangled Slaughter Poh Kok Low States 2001: Minnesota 2nd 4/13/2002
Mr. Jenkins Justin West Regionals 2002: Australia, Melbourne 5th-8th 4/13/2002

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