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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Mardu Aggro OTPHJ 2/9/2018
Mono Red (Budget) Red Skull 1/29/2018
Minadenn Beasts veddy 1/28/2018
Saskia {EDH} SithDragon33 1/23/2018
jeski gift "Ross Merriam" ck5 1/23/2018
Neheb, the Eternal EDH TuxedoJackson 1/20/2018
Red green energy agro Sultan 1/18/2018
Jeskai God-Pharaoh's Gift No_Justice MTGO Competitive Standard League: 1/15 - 1/21 1/17/2018
w/r moo hioverthere 1/10/2018
Etali, Primal Storm Commander Sean Whatson 1/9/2018
Red White Energy Hate Paul Goddard 1/8/2018
R/G Aggro David Green SCG Classic Modern - Columbus - 1/7/18 9th-16th 1/8/2018
Boros 2: Combat Boogaloo Brobarington 12/20/2017
Red/White David_Parks_(David_Star) 12/17/2017
Jackal Exert Aggro (Competitive) AspenMTG 12/15/2017
Huatli dustymeteor 12/2/2017
JUND 'EM OUT! AspenMTG 11/14/2017
Aggro combat celebrant lnobre0211 11/8/2017
Madru Vehicle Travissmith3 11/3/2017
jeskai pharaon gift despreocuperro 10/29/2017
Consul to the Afterlife Filigree Fox 10/28/2017
Ramunap Red Jim Davis SCG Classic Standard -Cincinnati - 10/22/17 3rd-4th 10/23/2017
Izzet Artifacts Garfield2875 10/15/2017
Speed is key TheGodDragon 10/11/2017
Ramunap Assault SithDragon33 10/11/2017
RW Glory Rampage Warden Of Geometry 10/8/2017
One Shot (Commander) ZombiMan 10/4/2017
Samut and her Warrior Army Ldrago626 9/26/2017
W/R Humans itsnotmyfault1 9/21/2017
Red White Aggro Paul Goddard 9/4/2017
Evan Davis non-land rares - for sale Evan 8/27/2017
Gift of the Merica Gods GreatBoomer 8/23/2017
Red Jami1866 8/20/2017
Exertive Rage beast_of_war 8/19/2017
W B R G Warrior Saskia Commander SithDragon33 8/18/2017
Imminent Doom SuperNeckRed 8/13/2017
Rakdos Neheb Madness SithDragon33 8/2/2017
RUW Gift GreatBoomer 8/1/2017
Lovisa: Aggro 101 GrandGuardian 7/29/2017
Naya Exert Testerfox 7/26/2017
Lord Stink Mouth Silly Bommers 7/24/2017
Rubblebelt Raiders RazorX_83 7/16/2017
In your coldeyes (budget) Salj 7/15/2017
RDW - advice/feedback please crash_test 7/15/2017
black red trials Dashimir 7/14/2017
bobolobo Wormerino 7/12/2017
R/W Exert Dahlwood 7/10/2017
B/R/B Humans RazorX_83 7/2/2017
Hekbent madness Big fat paulie 6/21/2017
RG Gruul of Amonkhet BaconLaserBeam 6/21/2017
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