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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
future alarm gaara2332 10/16/2017
Selvala, Heart of the Wilds davev 9/10/2017
omnath more mana Dakyren 9/5/2017
Titania EDH BlazinT10 8/5/2017
The Gitrog Monster Deckbuilds 7/17/2017
Ezuri, Renegade Leader comander Tpvegas 7/13/2017
Rhys the Redeemed EDH token beatdown by Slothua Slothua 5/31/2017
infect jaystone11 5/17/2017
buys playa 5/16/2017
Elf Cycle Foothands 5/7/2017
Titania, Protector of Argoth: A Rose By Any Other Name... GrandGuardian 4/9/2017
Triton, combo king DrShakalu 3/17/2017
Upgrade Tolarian Community College 3/14/2017
Karador, Ghost Tutor Kaminosai2 2/21/2017
yisan edh Parker1298 1/3/2017
Mono G 11816 riseXabove 11/9/2016
Freya 102516 riseXabove 10/24/2016
Primal Selvala raziellok7 10/23/2016
Mono G EDH riseXabove 10/14/2016
Rhys Tokens The Terminator 10/12/2016
Freyalise EDH(2) riseXabove 10/12/2016
Titty EDH CaptainThrow 10/10/2016
Old school naya unpow myrdin 8/8/2016
Momir Vig Combo Elves onuris 8/4/2016
Old_Fogey brannigans1aw 5/15/2016
Rafiq ltparis98 5/1/2016
abc kabeets 4/15/2016
ELFOS 12-11-15 tsabo 11/12/2015
Mavis, the First acshinobi 9/23/2015
Seton, Krosan Protector raziellok79 9/1/2015
karametra sk8erbob 8/31/2015
Elves combo borsthorsti 8/20/2015
Nath of the Gilt-Leaf Avery625 8/8/2015
Druids Green Shinro 8/7/2015
karametra stuff titan222 7/23/2015
Freyalise XSin 7/9/2015
Freyalise johndengineer 6/29/2015
Elves syntheticaprio 6/16/2015
Elf Ball of Freyalise firebear 6/12/2015
Deveri extra smt8713 5/27/2015
Derevi needed cards smt8713 5/13/2015
From another Shimmer! HyperNVs301 4/20/2015
Azusa, Lost But Seeking Avery625 4/19/2015
Token Impersonator HyperNVs301 4/14/2015
ryhs philB 3/26/2015
Kruphix Narular 3/17/2015
Feeding the Beastly Eater HyperNVs301 3/11/2015
Derevi competitive EDH smt8713 3/10/2015
ezuri edh TrickyDisco 2/18/2015
SIlvos jrbryant315 2/11/2015

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