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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Red/Blue Token Overload Non-Linear 12/1/2018
Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer | The Commander's Quarters The Commander's Quarters 11/29/2018
Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer | CQ Early Access CQ Early Access 11/28/2018
Raff 'Mr.Flashy flash' Budget deck Alex Hitchen 10/20/2018
Commandy jickalick 10/15/2018
AJH Brudiclad VolpeC 10/2/2018
Mr Steal yo girl mthwiz 8/22/2018
Brudiclad MK3 Bamzoomcu 8/13/2018
Red Blue Token Artifacts MTG Commander 8/12/2018
Brudiclad Bamzoomcu 8/12/2018
Deck Kersplatz 4/25/2018
Hidden Psychophilospher 4/20/2018
Merfolk Draw Deck CriticalMethods 3/21/2018
Scapeshift Sporter 2/24/2018
Mechanized Production Abyss 2/17/2018
asdfasdgvqer parmadison 1/24/2018
asdfasdfasd parmadison 1/24/2018
Riku of Good Value Samej 12/31/2017
White - Blue approach of the spirit investigators Garfield2875 11/19/2017
Revel Artifacts Perseus89 10/19/2017
breya v1 darthsabinus 9/18/2017
Keranos, God of Storms carlos lecaros 7/22/2017
U/R Control Sologo_cn MTGO Standard PTQ - 7/15/2017 9th-16th 7/18/2017
Drey Drey 6/20/2017
Temur Tower Geoff Mullin SCG Classic Standard - Charlotte - 6/11/17 5th-8th 6/12/2017
bant goats freelancer 6/8/2017
U/R Control Will Fleischman SCG Classic Standard - Louisville - 5/21/17 9th-16th 5/23/2017
Blue Red Control William Lou Grand Prix Montreal 2017 17th-32nd 5/22/2017
Temmet, Lord of Budget Toroik24 5/19/2017
Mono Blue norwegianwood 5/16/2017
Jeskai Control Fernando Dominguez Pro Tour Amonkhet 5/15/2017
Anointed Production TheOnlySliverQueen 5/14/2017
U/R Control gereffi Standard MOCS - 05/06/2017 5th-8th 5/10/2017
Temur Tower Jonathan Thomas SCG Classic Standard - Atlanta - 04/30/2017 5th-8th 5/2/2017
Mono blue eldrazi Hotpopkid 5/2/2017
U/R Control Yiyi MTGO Standard PTQ - 4/29/17 9th-16th 5/1/2017
Temur Control Scappie MTGO Competitive League 4/26/2017
Temur Tower Brivenix MTGO Competitive Standard League: 4/17-4/23 4/20/2017
Mono Blue Control Rickrolle 4/17/2017
Four-Color Marvel Scookie MTGO Competitive Standard League: 4/10-4/16 4/12/2017
Temur Tower Scappie MTGO Competitive Standard League: 4/03-4/09 4/5/2017
Four-Color Tower Amnesa MTGO Competitive Standard League: 3/27-4/02 3/29/2017
Jeskai Tower Sunao Nakai Grand Prix Shizuoka 2017 17th-32nd 3/20/2017
Jeskai Saheeli Yuuji Yoshida Grand Prix Shizuoka 2017 17th-32nd 3/20/2017
Temur Production Tower WickedApp 3/19/2017
Saheeli Copycat Luis Belmontez Amonkhet RPTQ - Santa Clara 5th-8th 3/19/2017
UR Dynavolt Zak Elsik Amonkhet RPTQ - Plano 3rd-4th 3/19/2017
Temur Dynavolt Tower Jim Still Jr. Amonkhet RPTQ - Memphis 5th-8th 3/19/2017
Jeskai Dynavolt Control Thomas Evans Amonkhet RPTQ - Burnsville 5th-8th 3/19/2017
UB Control Jesus Solano Amonkhet RPTQ - Mexico City 5th-8th 3/19/2017
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