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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Traxos, Scourge of Kroog: Aggravated Assembly Lady of the Lake 8/3/2019
Brudiclad the_great 7/4/2019
Saheeli's Mycosynth Lattice Techno Jellyfish 6/26/2019
Sydri [EDH] maniac1614 6/11/2019
Karn B3stBoyMineta 6/10/2019
Saheeli's Artifact Rage BuddyT 6/7/2019
Saheeli, The Artifact Janktress ForceOfChill 6/4/2019
Artifacts, Artifacts everywhere. Victor Delacroix 6/2/2019
War Bundle Atterax 5/28/2019
Padeem, Consul of Innovation RayMethvin 5/21/2019
Artifact (suggestions?) Nashbeez 5/3/2019
Memnarch $100 low v1 friskierplum531 4/24/2019
Vehicular Dwarfslaughter PraisCthulhu 4/17/2019
King Macar, Ma-Racecar AlPal751 4/8/2019
Traxos Budget Salj 2/24/2019
Diaochan EDH Sweetness 1/27/2019
Saheeli kingdiaz1999 1/25/2019
Artifacts (Jhoira) Magyar 1/3/2019
artifacts Magyar 1/2/2019
Saheeli's Budget Army Z_Eagle 12/23/2018
Brudiclad Budget Gryphonrising 12/23/2018
Saheeli, the Gifted Artifacts/Eldrazi Wagnasty702 12/12/2018
Saheeli Commander Funnsies matik101 12/11/2018
Get a Clue Yargle 12/7/2018
Traxos Commander Glitchy 12/5/2018
Brudiclad's Friends Ben Kowalski 12/4/2018
Sword Artificer Kookoo 10/27/2018
Ryan's Jank Chapo 8/23/2018
Zedruu the Untouchable {EDH} SithDragon33 8/20/2018
Saheeli the Gifted Token Spam The Sojourner 8/16/2018
Commander 2018 Saheeli Delpheki1323123 8/14/2018
Actual Value of EXQUISITE INVENTION deck Chpow01 7/27/2018
BG2 2Ace 6/20/2018
Scary Scarecrow CASUAL COMMANDER DECK ShanetheFreakingWizard 6/8/2018
Grixis Artifact Ramp ShanetheFreakingWizard 4/25/2018
Skynet Mr. D 2/15/2018
Artifact bumblebee tuna 2/7/2018
Muzzio2 Nzxer 1/23/2018
Muzzio Nzxer 1/22/2018
Karn EDH awesome guy 1/15/2018
Artifact 2.0 D1NoMan 12/8/2017
Articraft amazement D1NoMan 12/8/2017
bumrush titans keenis707 6/25/2017
Drey Drey 6/20/2017
Karn, Silver Golem BurkeG 6/11/2017
Artsy Chris52695 6/7/2017
Affinity Burn t2146066415 2/23/2017
bugdet artifact edh Wiked7778 2/1/2017
Eternity Vessel Trial // Tribulations 12/1/2016
Artifact YroPro 11/21/2016

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