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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Illuna, Apex of Wishes Aquamaru 2/23/2021
Otrimi & Friends Mubumb0 2/16/2021
Mutate All Monsters Purploros 2/3/2021
Otrimi, the Ever-Playful - InResponse_EDH In Response_EDH 12/11/2020
554548kk Alpha123 12/8/2020
12151l Alpha123 12/8/2020
Illuna Mutate Tribal (big ol swangin slongalong) TheTrueYoda1 11/17/2020
Stuff JMedina 11/13/2020
Hydra/Dragon Assualt cacaevans 11/3/2020
Colossal Dreadmaw Tribal EDH Deck ChainofCommander 10/19/2020
Volrath Mutate and Clone | COMMANDER'S BREW - E266 Commander's Brew 10/12/2020
Atraxa Mutate Infect Booster Therapy 9/23/2020
Illuna, Apex of Top Deck SBH 9/21/2020
Equipped for Battle TheojenSankho 9/21/2020
Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons Ahriman9 9/17/2020
Brash Land Destruction Thuglife 8/12/2020
Brokkos Infect Ben709 8/4/2020
Frank's Nethroi, Apex of death Common Command 7/14/2020
Nethroi, Apex of Death recursion Electriccrabz 6/26/2020
Knightmare Jak3thepanda 5/28/2020
Otrimi, the Ever-Playful - EDH Shamisen 5/16/2020
Nethroi, Apex of Death - Common Command frankthedank 5/15/2020
Ghidorah, King of the Cosmos (Illuna, Apex of Wishes) Purploros 4/13/2020
The Scorpion God lolunatic 4/12/2020
Precon Power-Up: Upgrading the Enhanced Evolution Deck for $50 Nitpicking Nerds 4/11/2020
Numot Anti-Lands gondor641 3/30/2020
Artifact Destruction Soul Sun 3/17/2020
Mono Red Catdaddy0124 2/23/2020
nicol bolas control nicolbolasguy2.0 1/20/2020
Nicol Bolas Creature destruction nicolbolasguy2.0 1/16/2020
Raining Stoners (Feldon) Wandering Taoist 12/10/2019
Raining Stoners (Feldon) Wandering Taoist 12/10/2019
Raining Stoners (Feldon) Wandering Taoist 12/10/2019
Golos Land Destruction Chobeslayer 10/15/2019
Land Destruction Mikal Iverstone 7/27/2019
Boros gondor641 7/19/2019
Agro In Kick KR3WED 7/16/2019
Gruul Goblins with Domri TigerBen 6/30/2019
Mono Red Aggro Mitch A. 6/15/2019
Jeskai Aggro-Tempo golgariassassin666 6/2/2019
lean, mean and horny MR dewitt 5/9/2019
Enrage Deck TOMBSTONE 5/2/2019
Red Aggro/Control Martinksk88 4/26/2019
Trial By Earth and Flames SilverTongue 4/25/2019
Rakdos Deck Deputy Midnight 1/15/2019
Dinosaur Deck TOMBSTONE 1/4/2019
Commons Cube cale 9/17/2018
Mono-Red Pseudo-Control Burn DOCaManic 8/23/2018
Valduk EDH SuperNeckRed 8/2/2018
Land destruccion Rascalv2 7/26/2018

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