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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
The Scarab God! Zombie Commander! Raiouza 8/15/2020
3DH - M21 Kaervek Praetor Magic 8/5/2020
New Hogaak Cthulhu 8/2/2020
Skelly Welly Tribal The Mana Confluence 7/31/2020
Beto's Breya Deck Common Command 7/29/2020
Burn dos dakipmyster 7/29/2020
$50 Tymaret, the Murder King EDH Booster Therapy 7/29/2020
Meren Commander budget Azzren 7/24/2020
Mark's Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose Common Command 7/22/2020
Meren Commander tWoF 7/20/2020
Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire DaddyXD MTG DaddyXD 7/14/2020
Krav / Regna DaddyXD MTG DaddyXD 7/14/2020
Toxic Loyalty Chase Carroll 7/11/2020
Budget Lurrus phymet 7/7/2020
fjdjjdj phymet 7/7/2020
DIE, DIE, dead........ but then you get revived by the power of necromancy! Astra 3M 7/6/2020
Ashling, The Extinguisher Sizzelx 7/2/2020
Fae Kings Forest Goblin Scum 7/1/2020
Die,Die, dead...... Then you get revived by the power of necromancy! Astra 3M 6/30/2020
Die,Die, dead...... Then you get revived by the power of necromancy! Astra 3M 6/30/2020
Alesha EDH Goblin Scum 6/30/2020
Warriors and Horsemanship DemFate 6/24/2020
Grismold, the Dreadsower Hates Tokens The Mana Confluence 6/19/2020
Chandra but Black Latvs 6/13/2020
Collection Tanner Cruse 6/12/2020
Collection To Be Sold slach2000 6/6/2020
Marrow-Gnawer v.1 opsmminer 5/27/2020
Anihhilation Hi_Dakota 5/26/2020
Eat the Rich Chase Carroll 5/24/2020
Meren combo Whitewolf 5/23/2020
Teysa Whitewolf 5/18/2020
Mono b Whitewolf 5/18/2020
Jund Bone Hurting Juice Chase Carroll 5/16/2020
lots of snakes MarkusOhms 5/13/2020
Glissa, the Traitor | Commander Tune-Ups #46 Nitpicking Nerds 5/12/2020
Meren 3.0 Whitewolf 5/10/2020
Meren 2020 2.0 Whitewolf 5/5/2020
Sacrifice Meren Muramase 5/4/2020
$200 Meren EDH Booster Therapy 4/29/2020
Meren 2020 Whitewolf 4/23/2020
Grismold, the Dreadsower Deck Tech | Commander Tune-Ups #44 Nitpicking Nerds 4/20/2020
Kresh the Bloodbraided AKrumbach 4/13/2020
black engine Exiled 4/11/2020
Serra's Angels - Kristen's Meren Praetor Magic 4/8/2020
zombies Waffl3s 4/5/2020
Chainer - the Mono B one | BATTLE OF THE BREWS #20 Commander's Brew 4/1/2020
Krav and Regna EDH HeeftheBeef 4/1/2020
Syr Konrad MILL AWhitney62 3/31/2020
Korvold Food Chain Kyphur 3/31/2020
Athreos Sacs Pelzekin 3/28/2020

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