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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Dragon Paralysis drep 4/15/2019
Baral, Chief of Compliance EDH trialbyicecream 4/14/2019
Grusilda, Monster Masher lemon lord 4/14/2019
Memememememme Hey It's Me 4/14/2019
Talrand My Guys Hey It's Me 4/13/2019
Ral, Storm Conduit Mjolnir 4/12/2019
Monoblack Zombie Seraphio 4/8/2019
Treasure time Big Red1134 4/8/2019
Dragon Control v1.2 LordDrubie 4/6/2019
Firewater SGTgCA 4/4/2019
Talrand Budget Spumanti1985 4/3/2019
Arbiter augustin has intercourse with pertitioners (unfinished) GrandmasBasementGames 3/28/2019
Arbiter augustin has intercourse with pertitioners GrandmasBasementGames 3/28/2019
Rats sword3144554 3/22/2019
Rats sword3144554 3/22/2019
Niv cricket SirisX 3/18/2019
A Small Sacrifice Nanrui 3/13/2019
Vona, Butcher of Magan Vamp Tribal Strikerst 3/12/2019
Niv-Mizzet & Ophidian Eye Strikerst 3/12/2019
Whisper EDH Strikerst 3/12/2019
zegona the simic zookeeper hjwh92rydhujaikdhbhns 3/4/2019
zegona the simic zookeeper hjwh92rydhujaikdhbhns 3/4/2019
Tatyova Commander Budget Vallhalla 3/3/2019
Sliver Commander hjwh92rydhujaikdhbhns 3/3/2019
sneks, but cheaper Nicolas bol 2/28/2019
Sneks Nicolas bol 2/28/2019
Arcane Bureaucrats RainbowMTG 2/27/2019
Izzet Wizard Storm LordDrubie 2/25/2019
U/G Nexus Florian Trotte Mythic Championship Cleveland 2019 33rd-64th 2/25/2019
U/G Nexus John Girardot Mythic Championship Cleveland 2019 2/25/2019
Niv-Izzet of Niv-Mizzet hjwh92rydhujaikdhbhns 2/24/2019
Niv Mizzet Parun NutYT 2/23/2019
Infinite Life = Win! jason the egg 2/11/2019
CK Nicol EDH snail431 2/2/2019
Persistant Mill ANTI 1/31/2019
ZOMBIES (Mono Black #1) Superaljos 1/29/2019
Night Creatures (Mono Black #1) Superaljos 1/29/2019
Rakdos Dinner Party iemattias 1/25/2019
Budget Izzet Deck Oberon 1/24/2019
Izzet Control Arithmetic 1/21/2019
Attack of the Merfolk Myst26 1/15/2019
Inalla Archmage Ritualist Tinocomann 1/15/2019
Black Battlebox Deck Haroldholmes 1/12/2019
Blue Battlebox Deck Haroldholmes 1/12/2019
Swampwalk about Deputy Midnight 1/12/2019
Mizzix 3 Blaine 1/11/2019
Suffering Deputy Midnight 1/7/2019
Red/Black chaos amark18 1/4/2019
Combo JayWill 1/3/2019
Drake Summon Deck TOMBSTONE 1/2/2019

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