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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain Chaos/Control Commander Deck List SwaggyWaggy 3/1/2021
A Storm is Coming! Bouv10 2/24/2021
golos alt win NoPancakes 2/17/2021
decklist xXoddballXx 2/17/2021
Jhoira Weatherlight Captain Buffed Budget SwaggyWaggy 2/15/2021
Avatars SlayedSlayer 2/12/2021
Eron the Relentless Bouv10 2/12/2021
Gruul Elementals SlayedSlayer 2/11/2021
[Commander] #OloroLife DELOGE 2/6/2021
Jund Dragons eugeneticzz 2/6/2021
Azorius Birds SlayedSlayer 2/5/2021
Licia, the Immortal SWNJim 2/4/2021
Mono Red Chaos eugeneticzz 2/2/2021
Group hug lol 2 Dith 1/30/2021
WUBRG Cascade SlayedSlayer 1/29/2021
Jeskai Tokens eugeneticzz 1/27/2021
Super Budget zur Magnisious 1/25/2021
Jhoira Tsartori7581 1/24/2021
Rakdos Discard Aggro eugeneticzz 1/24/2021
Rakdos Discard SlayedSlayer 1/24/2021
The Locust God 2021 HitThings1114 1/21/2021
Abzan Counters SlayedSlayer 1/20/2021
Naya Giants SlayedSlayer 1/19/2021
Jund Landfall SlayedSlayer 1/17/2021
WUBRG Curses SlayedSlayer 1/14/2021
Riku makes my brain itch. Bonez510 1/13/2021
Rhys Commander 2stupid4u 1/13/2021
Athreos ChubbsMcBlubbs 1/12/2021
Kruphix, God of Horizons Rikon 1/9/2021
Charix ChubbsMcBlubbs 1/9/2021
Numot your lands anymore hehe TheTrueYoda1 1/7/2021
Araumi of the Dead Tide Common Command 1/6/2021
Gavi ChubbsMcBlubbs 1/4/2021
Grixis Control/Mill SlayedSlayer 12/27/2020
queen qqquiqui SublimeZer0 12/27/2020
It's not a mess, I know EXACTLY where everything is lordrakster 12/27/2020
Feather ChubbsMcBlubbs 12/26/2020
WUBRG Elementals SlayedSlayer 12/24/2020
Yidris ChubbsMcBlubbs 12/20/2020
Atraxa ChubbsMcBlubbs 12/19/2020
Alena & Halana ChubbsMcBlubbs 12/19/2020
Bant Tokens SlayedSlayer 12/17/2020
Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord In Response_EDH 12/12/2020
Traxos ChubbsMcBlubbs 12/9/2020
554548kk Alpha123 12/8/2020
12151l Alpha123 12/8/2020
deck123 Alpha123 12/8/2020
Vampires WokeSamurai 12/7/2020
Salvage Titan Sporter 12/2/2020
sasasqas nj9707 12/1/2020

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