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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Aurakul Izme 10/19/2020
Temur Breach Evaros_TTV 10/19/2020
Blue Moon Breach Evaros_TTV 10/18/2020
Mono colorless king nothing 10/18/2020
Mono colorless king nothing 10/18/2020
Mono colorless king nothing 10/18/2020
Breach Evaros_TTV 10/17/2020
Mono G Urza Oath Lahzael 10/13/2020
Pre-Innistrad Legacy Storm Night Walker 10/13/2020
Bant Omnitell Evaros_TTV 10/10/2020
OMNITELL Evaros_TTV 10/9/2020
OmniTell Evaros_TTV 10/8/2020
Modern: Jund Pyro Pox FluffyWolf 10/7/2020
Nahiri Boom Blkvox 10/6/2020
Mardu Nahiri-Blade SpencerRidgway 10/2/2020
Legendary shrine Rickskibbee 9/29/2020
Legendary shrine Rickskibbee 9/29/2020
Jeskai Nahiri SpencerRidgway 9/29/2020
Izzet Through the Breach Evaros_TTV 9/28/2020
Breach Evaros_TTV 9/27/2020
Modern: RW Lockout - Zendikar Anti Mill FluffyWolf 9/25/2020
blue black agro cacaevans 9/23/2020
Modern: Green Devotion - Post Zendikar FluffyWolf 9/22/2020
Three Color Control kkevans 9/22/2020
Modern: Boros Stone Spaghetti FluffyWolf 9/16/2020
Izzet Breach Evaros_TTV 9/2/2020
Eldrazi MightyGauntlet2 8/28/2020
Turn 1 Emrakul Mordthulu 8/25/2020
Spikes UR Breach Evaros_TTV 8/24/2020
Emrakul Spam Cthulhu 8/23/2020
stuff Broximus Prime 8/22/2020
AspiringSpike UR Breach Evaros_TTV 8/20/2020
Our other big guys cube I might just be the Dark Knight 8/20/2020
Modern: RW Lockout - Post Astrolabe Ban FluffyWolf 8/20/2020
Sneak and Show Andrew Fiedler NRG Series MTGO Open #3 - 08/16/2020 1st 8/18/2020
Polymorph Craig 8/10/2020
Our Big Guys Cube The Dark Knight 8/6/2020
Tooth & Nail & Moss Meryn 8/3/2020
sns jfish 8/1/2020
Our Big Guys Cube The Batman 8/1/2020
Bant Ramp Dono League Evaros_TTV 7/21/2020
Cultic Cube: Primeval Prime Time Cultic Cube 7/12/2020
Simic Token SirGabe123 7/5/2020
Transmogrify Prison (Modern) Meryn 6/30/2020
Green Piper MightyGauntlet2 6/29/2020
Transmogrify Prison Meryn 6/27/2020
Hi Deegee 6/23/2020
Sun and Moon Evaros_TTV 6/22/2020
Why Deegee 6/21/2020
Sneak and Show JPA93 5/19/2020
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