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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Maralen Cheerios Gregory DiTomasso 3/21/2018
Oloro, Ageless Ascetic ashleynallred 3/20/2018
Sidisi from DC Big Red1134 3/16/2018
Skithiryx, The Blight Cross Empire Gaming 3/15/2018
Ascendant Evinvar {EDH} SithDragon33 3/12/2018
Ayli Commander Ayyyli lmao 3/9/2018
Mono Black Vampires {EDH} SithDragon33 3/4/2018
Raaaats! Mathis37 3/1/2018
And Korlash Said, Let There Be Dark MudkipDJ 2/28/2018
Chainer's Devotion Pluvian 2/25/2018
Drana Vampires {EDH} SithDragon33 2/25/2018
The dark pope rises Velkath_moran 2/24/2018
Mogis slaughter Teq 2/22/2018
Ghosts of life and death Mr. Fabulous 2/14/2018
Skittles Brobarington 2/5/2018
Skittles Brobarington 2/5/2018
Oloro, Ageless Ascetic - Life Obliteration Jewy 2/3/2018
Oloro, Ageless Ascetic - Life Obliteration Jewy 2/3/2018
Gonti EDH DJ Johnson 1/29/2018
Oona {EDH} SithDragon33 1/26/2018
Yahenni {EDH} SithDragon33 1/26/2018
Olivia Voldaren MKII {EDH} SithDragon33 1/25/2018
Olivia Voldaren {EDH} SithDragon33 1/25/2018
Josh's Elenda deck Josh Lee Kwai 1/23/2018
Erebos control mAJ 1/21/2018
BW Drain TuxedoJackson 1/20/2018
Gitrog Commander (Budget Deck) Tonyhavana 12/18/2017
Panzermensch Glenn 12/17/2017
Rakdos Demons Brobarington 12/13/2017
1 colonel_sanders 11/15/2017
1 colonel_sanders 11/13/2017
Athreos God of taxes r4g3xp 11/3/2017
Shauku Control and Destroy Birliss 11/2/2017
heyyou Wizard Of The Boast 10/31/2017
Mikaeus EDH Combo CoolNerdGames 10/31/2017
Yahenni, Undying Partisan EDH Havoccultist 10/27/2017
Final cut Slither Wizard Of The Boast 10/25/2017
Olivia EDH Menious 10/22/2017
Licia, Sanguine Tribune GrandMageVivi 10/21/2017
kaervek ninevoltcat 10/19/2017
Michael'soloro Goderaftw 10/18/2017
Erebos Commander bambam2187 10/17/2017
Sneaky Snake Wizard Of The Boast 10/9/2017
Iname EDH Gwendolin 10/4/2017
Yahenni Millon 10/1/2017
Marrow-Gnawer EDH Millon 10/1/2017
Edgar Markov Aggro SgtBeans 9/21/2017
super budget mono black panharmanicon reeddawnvaka 9/20/2017
Gitrog Mig 9/19/2017
Gitrog Monster therealaudiox 9/14/2017
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