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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Dwarf Vehicles Dendostar 3/1/2021
BuIlD tHe WaLl ChubbsMcBlubbs 12/1/2020
Budget Odric EDH Jagervais291 10/19/2020
Radiant's Iron Rule Matt Lotti: Intrepid Tautog 9/17/2020
Well, you Won't Miss Your Land Drops The Mana Confluence 7/20/2020
Albion Avatar - Doran Albion Avatar 7/15/2020
Super Shrine Tribal TheRandomeDud3 7/11/2020
Doran Infect Newcarguy 5/20/2020
Kruphix Commander Dehydrated Squirrel 4/9/2020
Sharknado! The Infinite Shark Masterpiece Nitpicking Nerds 4/6/2020
Abzan Enchantments EDH Ian2905 3/19/2020
asdf asdf 1/25/2020
mono white edh TheFakeWonderz 12/11/2019
Estrid's Land Pants Sesquipedalian 11/13/2019
Zedruu Enduring Ideal Sesquipedalian 11/9/2019
Sidar/Shidiqi VoidmageGamer 10/23/2019
All Land RegalTurtle24 8/4/2019
Pro Lands beans 7/28/2019
Walls Commander Cthulhu 7/20/2019
Darien soldiers TheGuyWhpDoes12 6/14/2019
Alex's "Raff Capashen, Ship's Mage" Budget EDH Deck Affinity For Commander 5/29/2019
Huatli Oathbreaker yellowTongue 5/17/2019
Vehicular Dwarfslaughter PraisCthulhu 4/17/2019
Anafenza Edh Glitchy 4/1/2019
Doran Jefferham 2/12/2019
Arcades Gio 11/19/2018
Raff 'Mr.Flashy flash' Budget deck Alex Hitchen 10/20/2018
narset Amaldabe 10/14/2018
Doran Doran EDH Wooly_Thoctar 9/28/2018
Doran Doran EDH Wooly_Thoctar 9/28/2018
Power isn't Everything Cube trine 8/31/2018
nonbasic lands havefun2 6/10/2018
dakkon's approach paulallan82 4/27/2018
Look Ma All Lands Totoro 4/7/2018
white buff Nixey 3/28/2018
Doran Pile Taco Master 3/24/2018
White Equipment EDH richardargentino 3/23/2018
Iroas Soldiers GrandePapi 3/23/2018
Budget Boros Act riddle21 3/9/2018
sleeper HGranger 3/4/2018
end of the world? (Old Kitchen Table Deck) TreeTroll 2/21/2018
aaaah x2 zero uwu 1/17/2018
Doran, The Siege Tower (Budget) grixis_storm 12/17/2017
Doran EHD Fun Skutters 12/1/2017
Soldiers of the Empire Tortoise Power 9/12/2017
360 Budget Cude Jimh925 5/31/2017
Doltron (Doran Voltron) Centurion13 5/21/2017
Boros Soldier Tribal Spoonce2k17 5/12/2017
Avacyn, Angel of Hope (EDH Deck by Nam) Lukerson59 4/10/2017
Tree Hugging Eyeodine 3/12/2017

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