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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Orah, Skyclave Hierophant (cleric life gain) minime5001 12/5/2021
Free Artifacts KebbieG 12/5/2021
Angy Omnath ZackOut 12/5/2021
Omnath EDH MADBRO! 12/4/2021
S13 - Alela, Artful Provocateur Playing With Power MTG 12/4/2021
Amulet Titan Emma_Partlow 12/3/2021
ZoZu The Punisher Not A Bush 11/30/2021
Modern: Yorion RW Lockout - Liquidbeaver FluffyWolf 11/29/2021
EDH KingMoose 11/29/2021
Locusts MassBass 11/26/2021
[Commander] Kemba's 13 Swords Kellonor 11/21/2021
There only Human EeveeGenesis 11/20/2021
Zozu baileyyy 11/16/2021
Elsha Dragon's Approach w/Ryan Peneff | COMMANDER'S BREW - E322 Commander's Brew 11/15/2021
awdasdawd pizzapizzapizzaria 11/13/2021
Geralf Visionary Stitcher, Toughness Matters Uncommon Commander 11/13/2021
Titania {EDH} Naddict 11/11/2021
Oketra's Monument Meryn 11/11/2021
Mono-Black Sidisi, Undead Vizier Bio-Mech-Chris 11/5/2021
feldon yo bennt 11/1/2021
Sephera Flying NofSion 10/30/2021
Jund Werewolves Spicy Unicorn Milk 10/26/2021
Monowhite Taxes 2021 kooba3 10/25/2021
Bant hatebears Company 2021 kooba3 10/25/2021
Horsemanship DahrkNero 10/25/2021
Mill Ransora 10/24/2021
Proxymoron MassBass 10/22/2021
Proxy moron MassBass 10/22/2021
Land kill deck Lovealwayswins 10/18/2021
Commander VS Jadar evilfriendz 10/16/2021
ooga booga callanjerel 10/13/2021
adsfdsfadsf callanjerel 10/13/2021
Death and Taxes 2021 kooba3 10/12/2021
Orzhov Taxes 2021 kooba3 10/11/2021
Kyler, Sigardian Emissary Budget Uncommon Commander 10/10/2021
Vintage 2021 kooba3 10/9/2021
Horobi, Friendship Killer evancredmond 10/7/2021
GW Wrenn and Seven Lands Meryn 10/5/2021
Tovolar, Thriller Flash Dance Uncommon Commander 10/2/2021
kinnan boi KnuxN4 10/2/2021
Sisay, Weatherlight Captain callanjerel 10/1/2021
5c Sisay and Friends Pop Juggernaut 9/30/2021
Lynde, Cheerful Tormentor Enchantrocrats Uncommon Commander 9/24/2021
Oof! Ouchie! HOT! The Lotus Cube 9/23/2021
S12 - Eight and a half tails Playing With Power MTG 9/18/2021
Budget Rhino Reanimator Mr. Bonesaw 9/12/2021
Gitrog Trifero 9/10/2021
Gitrog Trifero 9/10/2021
Gitrog Trifero 9/10/2021
Gitrog Trifero 9/10/2021

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