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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Ak-47 DinosaurRocketshp 11/2/2019
Jan's Gerrard Eggs Deck The Spike Feeders 10/17/2019
Bill's Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion The Spike Feeders 10/17/2019
The Deck of Jacob Dryzen 10/15/2019
Michael's Cube captainfreddy314 10/14/2019
Coin Flip Tribal Lumowolf 10/6/2019
Coin Flip Tribal Lumowolf 10/6/2019
Grumgully Combo EDH VoidmageGamer 10/1/2019
Historic Artifacts Visxart 10/1/2019
Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero | Commander's Brew Commander's Brew 9/30/2019
legacy shinohara 9.21 BoomBoomStormCloud 9/21/2019
Death by Artifacts KiserSoze 9/17/2019
Jan's Mishra Stax Deck The Spike Feeders 9/17/2019
Korvold Creature Tokens VoidmageGamer 9/7/2019
Metal Jhoira Metalmarker 9/6/2019
Red Slag Sebanovich 9/4/2019
Young Retti TUOmie 9/4/2019
Five colour happy stuff Sagarus 8/13/2019
Jhoira artifacts this is awkward 8/12/2019
Combo Daretti Dudedanoob 7/27/2019
Imperial Painter Andrew Krygoski SCG Classic Legacy - Philadelphia - 07/21/2019 9th-16th 7/22/2019
Martin's Breya, Etherium Shaper Deck Affinity For Commander 7/17/2019
Saheeli's Mycosynth Lattice Techno Jellyfish 6/26/2019
SG Deck Versaillez 6/19/2019
Saheeli's Artifact Rage BuddyT 6/7/2019
Breya, Etherium Shaper Big Red1134 6/3/2019
Saheeli Nolifeking666 5/26/2019
Crazy Casino Xero 00 5/24/2019
Diaochan's Beautiful Destruction PeePeeChiken 5/17/2019
Built from Scratch PreCon HaHaHut 5/16/2019
Norin The Wary prysm 5/12/2019
Hentali List Wolf-Bot 5/6/2019
Jeskai Thopters The Jeskai Way 5/3/2019
Budget Jeskai Thopters The Jeskai Way 5/3/2019
Inventors Enter the Raven 4/22/2019
Feldon VolpeC 4/18/2019
mmmmmm mono099 4/13/2019
Hentali Wolf-Bot 4/12/2019
Purphoros {EDH} Daazze3 4/8/2019
The Coward of Chaos, Norin the Scary Juicebox 4/7/2019
Daretti Shenanigans Bisquick 4/3/2019
Daretti cEDH Stax Daniel Bowery 3/30/2019
Daretti - Artifact Red Commander flip1atu 3/29/2019
Anglo-Norman(Gobelin) AwesomeRusco 3/29/2019
Breya not good Uselessloop 3/27/2019
Feldon Reanimator Santa MurkLurkk 3/23/2019
Lord of Tresserhorn Mill Cinnamon 3/20/2019
boros trial xyrojj 3/19/2019
DEPALA_MAIN2 Cherusan 3/10/2019
broken goblins goblin lord 3/8/2019

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