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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Scarab God Zombie Tribal Jengels 8/13/2020
Scarab God Zombie Tribal Jengels 8/13/2020
Mono-Black Aggro nathansteuer MTGO Pauper Challenge - 08/09/2020 5th-8th 8/11/2020
K'rrik Crack Paddy Whack overlord3001 8/9/2020
sfd Octathorpo 8/9/2020
asf Octathorpo 8/9/2020
asdf Octathorpo 8/9/2020
deck Octathorpo 8/9/2020
Scarab God (EDH) steadylynx 8/5/2020
All Hallow's eve combo Sean Davis 8/4/2020
Underworld Abyss Well Oiled Poutine 8/2/2020
Vito, Thorn In The Side Wookiecumslut 7/30/2020
Mono B Gloodude 7/28/2020
Budget Marrow-Gnawer Rat Tribal SLOMTG 7/28/2020
Tinybones Everodd22 7/23/2020
Kokusho Commander McNuggetz 7/22/2020
Mark's Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose Common Command 7/22/2020
list NekoBlue 7/21/2020
Death is just the Beginning SilvrRemnant 7/21/2020
Meren Commander tWoF 7/20/2020
Tinybones, Trinket Thief | $100 Budget Deck Tech | EDH | Commander | Jumpstart | Discard BudgetCommander 7/19/2020
Black Devotion Ben709 7/18/2020
Mono Black Deathtouch Zambies xchimpyx 7/16/2020
Varina Lich Tribal Kyeran 7/16/2020
Oloro Mish Mash HarrowMarrow 7/16/2020
Liliana EDH xyrojj 7/14/2020
Frank's Nethroi, Apex of death Common Command 7/14/2020
zombies TheGuyWhpDoes12 7/13/2020
Dizabelle's Mono Black Dizabelle 7/12/2020
Yawgmoth combo and proliferate Kyeran 7/11/2020
Shirei on a budget Kyeran 7/11/2020
Toxic Loyalty Chase Carroll 7/11/2020
Varina Zombie EDH otom1818 7/10/2020
zom Astra 3M 7/9/2020
K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth DaddyXD MTG DaddyXD 7/8/2020
Teysa Karlov 4.0 Hoppin Onefoot 7/8/2020
Kaervek, the Spiteful BUDGET Mono Black Control VS Magic 7/8/2020
Budget Lurrus phymet 7/7/2020
fjdjjdj phymet 7/7/2020
Mono-Black Devotion Ally Warfield 7/3/2020
Kokusho, the Evening Star Sizzelx 7/2/2020
Kokusho, the Evening Star Sizzelx 7/2/2020
Ashling, The Extinguisher Sizzelx 7/2/2020
S05E07 - Vito Playing With Power MTG 7/2/2020
pauper list NekoBlue 6/29/2020
Pauper zombies NekoBlue 6/29/2020
Black Engine Toolebiey 6/27/2020
Oloro, Ageless Ascetic - S.A.L.T Deck Nano69 6/26/2020
Lazav, the necromancer Jayman 6/19/2020
Collection Tanner Cruse 6/12/2020

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