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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Locusts MassBass 11/26/2021
Galea, Kindler of Hope freakwerks 11/25/2021
The Deep Calls Bloodouts 11/23/2021
Yuriko (Commnader) EliteLeogi 11/22/2021
UG Slumbering Voltron Pop Juggernaut 11/21/2021
Duality of Man iSvod 11/2/2021
Mr. Bones Wild Ride jolt539 10/29/2021
Horsemanship DahrkNero 10/25/2021
kalamax precon jebbo 10/20/2021
Tezeta (Medomia EDH) Jim Nobodie 10/17/2021
Aminatou's Bouncy Castle of Horrors Cardboard Command 10/14/2021
MillSHA Geloisnice 10/6/2021
d callanjerel 10/4/2021
Counterspell Moment callanjerel 10/4/2021
Galea, Kindler of Hope The Kearns 9/29/2021
Lotus Galea The Lotus Cube 9/19/2021
Ninja Deck UBT 9/11/2021
Ninja Deck UBT 9/11/2021
Nymris Flashy Pop Juggernaut 9/8/2021
orvar 1 gulley 9/1/2021
Jadzi LuckyStrikeSmallville 8/25/2021
Hot Girl Taps Out Ratcliff 8/21/2021
Teferi DavideBigano 8/20/2021
okaun fun times Senbonshaman 8/7/2021
Sygg 500 Guarienti 7/31/2021
Scarab God Mill/Reanimator EDH MisterTumnis 7/25/2021
Aura of Courage Upgraded Cardboard Command 7/21/2021
Spell Attacks from Kalamax Action 7/7/2021
[Commander] Simic Ramp DELOGE 7/7/2021
Karonita Cardboard Command 6/29/2021
this is jhoria scorpiyoo 6/27/2021
final jk scorpiyoo 6/27/2021
me want suspernd scorpiyoo 6/27/2021
tango suspend scorpiyoo 6/27/2021
Ojutai Glad I Didn't Say Banana? Hagaschi Miyagi 6/24/2021
Thasios + Kydele Commander ZQue 6/12/2021
Heartless Champion Yahwa1 6/5/2021
Spellslinger BlastBeat 5/30/2021
Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle Dragan Laoch 5/29/2021
Kraum and Vial CC Stream Cardboard Command 5/28/2021
Codie Budget Polymorph j0hnicus 5/25/2021
Yuriko BlastBeat 5/11/2021
Lavina test GeraldBaldZ 5/11/2021
Splinter Twin krikkt 5/6/2021
Rogue Squadron Cardboard Command 5/4/2021
Rarity Infamystoops 4/30/2021
Barrin's Bounce House benmega 4/27/2021
Turtle Soup.Dek Ducksause 4/21/2021
Quest For The Perfect Turtle Soup Ducksause 4/21/2021
Turtle Stax Eh? Ducksause 4/20/2021

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