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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Darigaaz Voltron uunan 5/23/2019
Feldon VolpeC 4/18/2019
Zirilian, Bringer of the Apocalypse Largemoth 4/9/2019
Feldon Reanimator Santa MurkLurkk 3/23/2019
dragons Ainure 3/23/2019
Feldon of the Third Path cdpace 2/12/2019
Diaochan EDH Sweetness 1/27/2019
Fan-made Commander's Quarters Brion Stoutarm (Thief) Brett Myers 1/9/2019
Saheeli's Budget Army Z_Eagle 12/23/2018
Bosh beans 10/27/2018
feldon Mr.Nightplays 9/10/2018
feldre topcat996 9/5/2018
Power isn't Everything Cube trine 8/31/2018
Zirilan of the Claw EDH Mr. Muffin 8/27/2018
Heartless Hidetsugu Siderial 8/12/2018
Feldon ERRORx 8/5/2018
Tolarian Community College: Feldon of the Third Path KNight Hammer 8/4/2018
Budget Feldon Dudedanoob 8/4/2018
Dragon Commander Jewy 7/25/2018
Kiki-Jiki BumbotheCleric 7/24/2018
Feldon shinanagins greeblethefeeble 4/29/2018
Hasty Burn GrandePapi 3/27/2018
Biron Budget Nzxer 1/19/2018
Feldon Innocentius 12/13/2017
Red Dragons Shenanigans d_cloud_b 10/24/2017
Big Red Jaya heavypress__ 10/10/2017
Norin EDH Bushido 10/1/2017
Daretti Deckbuilds 7/10/2017
Daretti Deckbuilds 6/11/2017
Temur Dragon SWNerd97 5/24/2017
dragons Al3x81 5/5/2017
Brion Stoutarm: Fastball Special GrandGuardian 4/4/2017
Daretti EDH Jonjey 3/25/2017
Niv-Mizzet Thinks Really Hard and Kills Everyone ajroncase 3/21/2017
Monstrous Surprise carlcory 2/21/2017
Daretti EDH steadylynx 2/10/2017
control, n/blocking c Glenfeed 2/8/2017
Scott's Deck Dayson 1/1/2017
Dragon Ramp Hades Sparx 11/18/2016
Zirilan of the Claw EDH Millon 10/25/2016
Feldon of the Third Path Fektoer 7/8/2016
Artifact EDH nojuice1 2/10/2016
Feldon Force Unite L2i0n0k7 2/7/2016
Brion Fling ShardFenix 12/14/2015
Feldon and Can't Get Up leonbread 8/9/2015
Heartless Hidetsugu philB 7/22/2015
Liliana and the Trinkets VoyRager 6/21/2015
Atarka Generalian 5/24/2015
Collection enfo.lotto 4/15/2015
Sedris EDH Final arcticfox2012 4/8/2015

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