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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Esika, God Tribal Common Command 2/16/2021
God Deck Kaldhiem/Egyptian/Roman VeXz86753 2/11/2021
God Deck Cheaper VeXz86753 2/10/2021
God Deck for Matt VeXz86753 2/10/2021
Matt's God Deck (Revised) VeXz86753 2/10/2021
Vex's A Theft in Time VEX MTG 2/8/2021
Obeka Brute Chronologist Albus Elric 2/6/2021
Riku EDH Booster Therapy 2/3/2021
GODS GODS Greganator 1/27/2021
Ilharg, Flinging Dragons EDH ChainofCommander 1/26/2021
It's Morophon Time Everodd22 1/8/2021
Mono Red SNEAK Evaros_TTV 1/4/2021
Obeka, Brute Chronologist - Let's Brew - Upgrades Only | The Commander's Quarters The Commander's Quarters 12/31/2020
Obeka, Brute Chronologist - Let's Brew - Upgraded | The Commander's Quarters The Commander's Quarters 12/31/2020
Obeka, Brute Chronologist - Let's Brew - Upgraded | CQ Early CQ Early Access 12/29/2020
WUBRG Gods SlayedSlayer 12/25/2020
Xenagos Beats NickyBolas 12/18/2020
Obeka Sneak & Whip NickyBolas 12/4/2020
Mardu Sneak & Blink | COMMANDER'S BREW - E274 Commander's Brew 12/3/2020
YUUUUUUUGE Red NickyBolas 12/1/2020
Hans Eriksson EDH Booster Therapy 11/24/2020
Moraug Out Of Nowhere | COMMANDER'S BREW - E269 Commander's Brew 11/10/2020
norin Floof 11/6/2020
Purphoros Bronze-Blooded EDH Booster Therapy 11/4/2020
Moraug Extra Combat Common Command 10/5/2020
Upgraded Illuna, Apex of Wishes SBH 9/23/2020
Gruulfriends ManaCurves 8/28/2020
Illuna, Apex of Top Deck Common Command 8/13/2020
Kayla's Xenagos deck Common Command 8/6/2020
Mayael the anima Critical Fish 7/16/2020
Child of Alara - Gods RevHavoc 7/14/2020
Fake It Till You Make It Chetas 6/27/2020
Ungodly Power: God Tribal The Mana Confluence 6/19/2020
Xenagod Whitewolf 6/11/2020
Collection To Be Sold slach2000 6/6/2020
Knightmare Jak3thepanda 5/28/2020
Smash the Host Hi_Dakota 5/27/2020
Sneak Broximus Prime 5/27/2020
Dragon Hi_Dakota 5/27/2020
Anihhilation Hi_Dakota 5/26/2020
Cultic Cube: MTGO Goes Cultic! Cultic Cube 5/18/2020
maxthantis max91023 5/17/2020
Karona False God The Kearns 5/14/2020
Korvold, Fae-Cursed King (EDH) Commander Lineup MTGDomain 5/14/2020
Gruul Tramplers AliasV 5/8/2020
May Whitewolf 4/29/2020
May Whitewolf 4/29/2020
Ruric Thar, the Face Smasher Jewy 4/28/2020
test m c 4/26/2020
Morophon Gods EDH Booster Therapy 4/13/2020

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