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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
sea creatures DragonMan192 10/11/2020
Saheeli Exquisite Invention Maro 10/10/2020
Rules of Nature Lywire 10/9/2020
Ula's Temple KingMoose 9/19/2020
Sea monster madness C01MMY 9/16/2020
braids Ashbash155 9/16/2020
Thugger girls B3stBoyMineta 8/30/2020
tents Octathorpo 8/27/2020
Taigam, Sidisi's Hand h1tt 8/25/2020
Our other big guys cube I might just be the Dark Knight 8/20/2020
Kiora's Krakens SolXLuna 8/17/2020
Saheeli's Inventions TheojenSankho 8/11/2020
Our Big Guys Cube The Dark Knight 8/6/2020
Double Masters worst reprints Nitpicking Nerds 8/6/2020
cube lenzinho 8/1/2020
Our Big Guys Cube The Batman 8/1/2020
Mono-'Brown' Tron (2020) Emmmzyne 7/21/2020
Mono-Brown Tron (2020) Emmmzyne 7/21/2020
Mono-'Brown' Tron Emmmzyne 7/20/2020
Mono-Brown Tron Emmmzyne 7/19/2020
artifact c cheeseman19 7/13/2020
Atemis, All Seeing Sizzelx 7/2/2020
Squid Kid Toolebiey 6/28/2020
rawr sea monsters! bjen11 6/19/2020
Golos Boardwipe Tribal Explorer Seatb3lt 6/8/2020
Kefnet Warrior King of Counters Seatb3lt 5/25/2020
Sleeping Isle badcool011 5/19/2020
Artifact rush v5 Yahwa1 4/18/2020
Arixmethes Sea Monsters Joran_Umbra 4/11/2020
Song of the Time Lords Vilok Rothvlak 4/11/2020
braids, conjure my army Electriccrabz 4/2/2020
The Mimeoplasm 30$ Shojo 3/30/2020
Cultic Cube Cube Draft Masterclass, part 2 Cultic Cube 3/29/2020
Release The Kraken!!! TacoMonocle 3/27/2020
mikey kraken Dith 3/25/2020
Marchesa Budget DRoss 3/20/2020
jalira kracken Electriccrabz 3/18/2020
Esper Fancy Veggies | COMMANDER'S BREW - E237 Commander's Brew 3/17/2020
jhoira of time Electriccrabz 3/17/2020
Jalira, Master Polymorphist | The Commander's Quaters The Commander's Quarters 3/14/2020
Jalira, Master Polymorphist - Upgraded | The Commander's Quaters The Commander's Quarters 3/14/2020
Jalira, Master Polymorphist | CQ Early CQ Early Access 3/13/2020
Jalira, Master Polymorphist - Upgraded | CQ Early CQ Early Access 3/13/2020
Big Blue Idiots 52637 3/11/2020
CUBE! Sean C 2/27/2020
Jarrods jerk deck Piratenori 2/25/2020
Sharuum 1DH Ecken1 2/17/2020
kruphix seamonster edh Awsomeator1997 2/10/2020
Something Blue yellowTongue 2/10/2020
Arixmethes, edh infinite mana combo Mystagaan 2/9/2020
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