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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
5-color lifegain-card combo golgariassassin666 7/25/2019
Valakut - Mina and Denn, Wildborn ZQue 7/16/2019
Animar 1906 B34RB0T 7/12/2019
Uril, the Miststalker - Mantle of the Gods Lady of the Lake 6/25/2019
whats new copy cat ERRORx 6/24/2019
Animar + Eldrazi Shatkaka 6/22/2019
Animar + Eldrazi Shatkaka 6/20/2019
Wasitora Xordam 6/16/2019
Sample RG Eldrazi llamawithabowtie 6/8/2019
Gruul Stompy Goblins DinosaurRocketshp 5/27/2019
Animar JMStei 5/8/2019
RG Eldrazi paydroah 4/30/2019
R/G Eldrazi Lauri Pispa Mythic Championship London 2019 4/28/2019
R/G Eldrazi banskk Modern MOCS 4/19/19 4/24/2019
Xenagos Budget CLD_DC 4/24/2019
Fetch/Shock/Check Lands EenerAnna 4/20/2019
Squirrel Opposition Great memes 3/26/2019
Hey, Me Too! Mokkah 3/25/2019
Hey, Me Too! Mokkah 3/25/2019
Hey, Me Too! Mokkah 3/25/2019
cascade quyght 3/18/2019
Nikya of the Old Ways Big Red1134 3/16/2019
4C Pat Pod Reaprepeater38 3/11/2019
Everything for the Cause Khead161 3/10/2019
kenny wants asdf 3/1/2019
R/G Tron Pianto 2/11/2019
Xenagos VolpeC 2/8/2019
Gruul Aggro kooba3 1/29/2019
Jund Reanimator Hijjak97 1/25/2019
Pobric Thar Sac CB 1/23/2019
Uril Enchantment Value Beatdown iPLAYedhFORfun 1/20/2019
Nikya of the Old Ways Big Mana Creatures JumboCommander 1/16/2019
Najeela edh Nico85 1/9/2019
Nikya of the Old Ways Heavy 1/8/2019
Slivers (Overlord) Magyar 1/1/2019
Primal Dinosaurs SyngenMagic 12/31/2018
Marath, Will of the Wild (1v1 Commander) zachinthemox87 12/21/2018
Open Hostility (Commander 2016) zachinthemox87 11/25/2018
Windgrace Lands MrBenDaBear 11/23/2018
Marath Beast Beatings NCK12 11/20/2018
R/G Eldrazi Cory Thomas SCG Classic Modern - Las Vegas - 11/18/2018 9th-16th 11/19/2018
The Ur Dragon EDH Navi8811 11/10/2018
GR Urza’s Exploration Noah Westman 11/8/2018
GR tron is back John Noah Westman 11/8/2018
Local Two For One Pizza Place The C@t 11/8/2018
dragons Beowulf56 11/7/2018
Animar EDH Philament 11/5/2018
Animar, Soul of Elements - Speed/ Budget #126394 11/4/2018
23423423 colonel_sanders 10/29/2018
Ironworks Cory Lowe SCG Open Modern - Charlotte - 10/28/2018 17th-32nd 10/29/2018
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