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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Prava and Tevesh Death Match NickyBolas 12/11/2020
Aminatou EDH CONTROL Nate da Great 8/25/2020
Aminatou {EDH} Nate da Great 8/25/2020
Aminatou {EDH} Nate da Great 8/25/2020
Aminatou {EDH} Nate da Great 8/24/2020
Aminatou duel cEDH Kyeran 7/16/2020
Athreos, Shroud-Veiled jolt539 7/16/2020
Marchesa assassin tribal Kyeran 7/11/2020
Kelsien, the Plague jolt539 6/16/2020
Vampire Knights JFW 5/29/2020
Atraxa (Planeswalker) Hi_Dakota 5/27/2020
Nivzet Reborn James the furry 5/16/2020
Aminatou kagemaster007 3/1/2020
Singleton Showdown - Arvad the Cursed CMDRNinetyNine 1/24/2020
Golos Blink Xanatos 1/3/2020
Atrax Martyxd45 12/26/2019
Athreos, Shroud-Veiled Deck Tech Nitpicking Nerds 12/23/2019
Aminatou combo Pichuxan 10/18/2019
Atraxa Planeswalker Control Fantasio112 9/8/2019
Atraxa Planeswalker Control Fantasio112 9/8/2019
Kethis Superfriends Pluvian 8/15/2019
Board Wipe Tribal Yavic 7/24/2019
Arvad the Cursed Commander golgariassassin666 7/17/2019
Arvad the Cursed Commander golgariassassin666 7/17/2019
Mathas punisher Mathas, Fiend Seeker 6/29/2019
Queen marchesa curses average Loofadespoofa 6/25/2019
Nivvy Boi krak_is_bad 6/24/2019
Orzhov Lifesteal yellowTongue 6/18/2019
Black-White Gain-Drain golgariassassin666 5/30/2019
Niv-Mizzet Reborn and All the Guilds Commander Deck JumboCommander 4/30/2019
All Comes From One, One May Yet Consume All 2.0 Requiem Angel 4/24/2019
Ravnica Allied Khead161 4/23/2019
Marchesa's Curse Holden Cross 4/12/2019
Maverick TK Strachan SCG Classic Legacy - Philadelphia - 03/17/2019 9th-16th 3/18/2019
Four-Color Loam Griffin Van De Venne SCG Team Constructed Open Legacy - Baltimore - 02/03/2019 5th-8th 2/4/2019
Aminatou control JTrack 1/14/2019
marchesa Pouncey 1/9/2019
W/B Stoneblade Owen Watson SCG Classic Legacy - Columbus - 01/06/2019 9th-16th 1/7/2019
Rob's Marchesa Superob1 12/12/2018
Nic Fit Jesus Palacios SCG Classic Legacy - Las Vegas - 11/18/2018 2nd 11/19/2018
Buy 5c walkers 10/24/2018
Atraxa Superfriends TheCalicoKid 9/26/2018
Aminatou Manifest WantedWarlock 9/13/2018
Daxos, the Returned AlexDumez04 9/9/2018
Live and Let Die Maanya 8/30/2018
Karlov of the Ghost Council EDH Tanner Cruse 8/29/2018
Conspiracy Cube Double00Riser 8/27/2018
Aminatou Flicker Control & Combo The Sojourner 8/25/2018
Atraxa Super Friends Blaaaarrrrg 7/9/2018
Maverick MagicPlayer234923784 MTGO Competitive Legacy League: 06/09/18 6/11/2018

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