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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
golos alt win NoPancakes 2/17/2021
God Deck Kaldhiem/Egyptian/Roman VeXz86753 2/11/2021
God Deck Cheaper VeXz86753 2/10/2021
God Deck for Matt VeXz86753 2/10/2021
Matt's God Deck (Revised) VeXz86753 2/10/2021
Golos ver 1 Gingerbread Man 1/14/2021
sdf Octathorpo 12/30/2020
sdf Octathorpo 12/30/2020
Child of Alara The Kearns 12/29/2020
Golos, Maze's End jolt539 12/23/2020
The Race to Maze's End Disgrunt1ed 11/27/2020
Chris Feel Goods Astra 3M 11/27/2020
Golos Maze's End EDH ChainofCommander 11/9/2020
Allure of the Maze Lahzael 11/6/2020
Golos, Tireless Millgim Commander at Arms 10/27/2020
Average Budget Golos Deck Lord Morgorath 9/17/2020
Guildgate Jank Mashoos 9/8/2020
Budget Bombs: Win Conditions Nitpicking Nerds 8/24/2020
Gates Scott1 8/23/2020
Hey this is crazy B3stBoyMineta 8/11/2020
Shrines, Maze's end and Elementals | COMMANDER'S BREW - E254 Commander's Brew 7/21/2020
Well, you Won't Miss Your Land Drops The Mana Confluence 7/20/2020
Maze Field Ramp Seth Manfield 7/16/2020
Gates Octathorpo 7/4/2020
Alternate win con Lellowlad 6/13/2020
Golos jegantha sisay v budget Nuggernaut 6/9/2020
Kenrith, the Returned King | Commander Tune-Ups #49 Nitpicking Nerds 6/9/2020
Golos and His many Friends *Past*Present*Future Twisted_Tales 4/26/2020
Budget Ally EDH BoyZarBack1250 4/6/2020
The Ur-Dragon EDH Androo 3/28/2020
Mono Green Maze's End Mtg Janky Decks 3/18/2020
Paper Personals - Golos, Tireless Pilgrim CMDRNinetyNine 3/17/2020
Golos maze's end Electriccrabz 3/14/2020
Budget Ally Tribal 52637 3/11/2020
Telmonen Niv-Mizzet (Reborn) Commander v2 Telmonen 3/1/2020
golos ninevoltcat 2/20/2020
Niv-Maze's End EDH certee 2/17/2020
2 card combo Golos Harleyluvr 2/12/2020
Singleton Showdown - Golos Tireless Pilgrim CMDRNinetyNine 1/24/2020
Child of Alara Firehands96 1/20/2020
Maze's End Fog TheAlphaXY 1/17/2020
gates v1 bitebo 1/14/2020
Elementals but all of them jaybay123 1/10/2020
Fort Wild Bois jaybay123 1/10/2020
tireless curse pizza boy 1/8/2020
Golos Blink Xanatos 1/3/2020
budget commander league Golos Float 12/20/2019
budget commander league Golos Float 12/20/2019
budget commander league Golos Float 12/20/2019
5c Niv-Mizzet control Blueheart 12/9/2019

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