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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Mine, Mine and Mine Astra 3M 6/20/2020
Licia Test Bovine 6/18/2020
Orzhov Midrange AH 6/16/2020
One or the other Grirmak 6/13/2020
Collection Tanner Cruse 6/12/2020
Mardu Winota Jessica Estephan 6/4/2020
token Hi_Dakota 6/2/2020
Atraxa Proliferate PunishedCheems 5/27/2020
Atraxa Proliferate PunishedCheems 5/27/2020
Orzhov, modified, group deck jeremychurch 5/24/2020
Eat the Rich Chase Carroll 5/24/2020
Jegantha niv mizzet Tilt-a-whirl 5/22/2020
Doran Infect Newcarguy 5/20/2020
Zur the enchanter cq The Kearns 5/19/2020
Abzan Count Vampires Jeebs161 5/18/2020
Elenda, the Dusk Rose - EDH Shamisen 5/14/2020
Alela's Fearsome Faeries RykerTheReaper 5/10/2020
DORAN FINAL FORM APRIL 2020 The Kearns 5/7/2020
Yorion Niv Fires (Historic) JShill 5/4/2020
Abzan Humans Chris lamell 5/4/2020
Double Strike Tribal Magic: the Giraffe 5/3/2020
Orzhov Spirit Tokens Saidthecaliph 4/30/2020
Aryel Commander (Knight Tribal) KatanaDoggy 4/26/2020
Mardu Hu-Knights Nick Prince 4/24/2020
Life and Death JollyGiant99 4/24/2020
Mardu Humans SBMTGDev 4/24/2020
Pay the toll Rayne 4/23/2020
Ajani's Lifegain Stalzer2002 4/20/2020
Life & Death Tree Vardit 4/19/2020
Life & Death Tree Vardit 4/19/2020
Phyrexian Gifts Dr.Jones 4/17/2020
Jodah, Archmage Eternal - 2.0 EDH Tracebot21 4/16/2020
Edgar (Commander) Mr. Fabulous 4/14/2020
Teysa Dying Matters Joran_Umbra 4/11/2020
horde of elementals Electriccrabz 4/9/2020
Esper Hero Chobeslayer 4/8/2020
Lurrus In Deck Octathorpo 4/7/2020
Lurrus Companion Octathorpo 4/7/2020
EDH Androo 4/6/2020
Budget Ally EDH BoyZarBack1250 4/6/2020
Serial Crusher Theory GoWithASmile87 4/1/2020
Krav and Regna EDH HeeftheBeef 4/1/2020
Kambal, Consul of Jankllocation Quest for the Janklord 3/31/2020
Eternal Bloodlust CptnJck114 3/30/2020
W/B Experiment thesimpleone 3/30/2020
Standard Orzhov Knights M20 + ELD TigerBen 3/30/2020
Teysa Command Evilasdfg 3/30/2020
Teysa Aristokens TheGedGed 3/29/2020
The Ur-Dragon EDH Androo 3/28/2020
Athreos, Shroud-Veiled | [Commander Adventures] TheCommanderGuys 3/28/2020

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