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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Jund Dragons Eugeneticzz 1/24/2021
Naya Eldrazi Eugeneticzz 1/24/2021
Rakdos Discard Aggro Eugeneticzz 1/24/2021
Rakdos Discard SlayedSlayer 1/24/2021
Jund Prison Sad Panda 187 1/24/2021
A Barrage of fire poopyfarts96 1/23/2021
Tribal Tornament Shaman Amature Night 1/23/2021
Modern: 8 WHACK! FluffyWolf 1/23/2021
Black Red White Kaalia EDH MightyGauntlet2 1/23/2021
WUBRG Cascade SlayedSlayer 1/23/2021
Mitten Tribal The Commander's Quarters 1/22/2021
CAT Evaros_TTV 1/22/2021
Jeskai Isochron Evaros_TTV 1/22/2021
land des pete900000 1/21/2021
The Locust God 2021 HitThings1114 1/21/2021
Goblins BeeBane 1/21/2021
Modern: Chandra Tribal Red Prison (v2) FluffyWolf 1/20/2021
Modern: Infect 8 Moon Red Prison FluffyWolf 1/20/2021
ouch, my soul 2. BeeBane 1/20/2021
Boros Battalion Dendostar 1/20/2021
Bloodbraided? more like Blood Affiliated Hagaschi Miyagi 1/20/2021
Excalibur EDH! Booster Therapy 1/20/2021
Modern: Super Qualifier Jund FluffyWolf 1/20/2021
Modern: Red 5 Moon Prison FluffyWolf 1/19/2021
Uril the Miststalker Uyakoll 1/19/2021
Naya Giants SlayedSlayer 1/19/2021
Pirate's Treasure Betelguese90 1/19/2021
modern spiders tiddus234 1/19/2021
Mono Red Superfriends NessaMeowMeow 1/19/2021
Toggo's Time Traveling Rocks | COMMANDER'S BREW - E279 Commander's Brew 1/19/2021
Sisay Super friends CEDH Kingboomy 1/19/2021
Landfall Blitz Meryn 1/19/2021
Niv Ggpi 1/18/2021
Niv mizzet Ggpi 1/18/2021
Zacama {EDH} Kirakai 1/18/2021
naya ramp ck 1/18/2021
Vex's Mystic Swap Master VEX MTG 1/18/2021
Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith jolt539 1/18/2021
Jeskai Strandstill Evaros_TTV 1/18/2021
KESSIN AROUND gnjfx 1/17/2021
Jund Landfall SlayedSlayer 1/17/2021
Krenko BruhYouFarted 1/17/2021
Kiki-Jiki Feint 1/17/2021
Blue Green Red Animar EDH MightyGauntlet2 1/17/2021
Green Red White Rin & Seri EDH MightyGauntlet2 1/17/2021
Sliver Commander BobatheFett 1/17/2021
Sliver Commander BobatheFett 1/17/2021
sakashima/vial smasher Pouncey 1/17/2021
CatPile Evaros_TTV 1/17/2021
Goblins KombatMatt 1/16/2021
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