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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
554548kk Alpha123 12/8/2020
12151l Alpha123 12/8/2020
Phat-Tree smashy golgariassassin666 7/5/2019
Saviors Arcane Primordial Szzntnss 5/7/2019
Locust God Commander breeder29 2/28/2018
Mono Blue Control 3petersa 10/1/2015
Pauper Cube Alexthehutt 10/13/2014
Moon Segafredo 1/9/2014
Zur the Enchanter (budget Yorbit 11/17/2013
Arcanis EDH remfan1988 10/29/2013
Mono U Kamigawa Control vainity 8/23/2013
Grand Arbitor EDH adarkmongoose 7/10/2013
Wizards of the Coast mbern28 3/6/2013
Soratami, The Moonfolk soullesskilla 2/17/2013
test zonbisame 1/12/2013
Jhoira of The Ghithu EDH t.pwnth 10/15/2012
lol ophidian Jasonoro 1/3/2012
CounterStop Darth 12/22/2011
EDH maniac 666Metalhead 12/2/2011
Guilescape II Syl Karagh 10/9/2011
bolas Power Drake_Summoner 10/8/2011
Ertai lulz f34r3dh4ck3r 8/14/2011
Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augu Fastner 8/7/2011
Niv-Mizzet EDH MrBojangles626 6/6/2011
All Me WolfMan 4/28/2011
The Embargo phantomseige 1/3/2011
no BioPrince 6/27/2010
edh-release the kraken!v2 bmac1815 3/20/2010
Burn ya for a million neoshin 8/23/2006
Pyrokinesis Madness Hero 5/2/2006
M4R0 7GG 3/27/2006
Shared Fate kayozzama 2/3/2006
Battle of Wits Mason Peatross 12/21/2005
Millstone perfo 12/20/2005
Battle of Wits Keyafar Saleh 2005 Champs Texas 1st 10/22/2005
Battle of Wits Keya Saleh 2005 Champs Austin, TX 1st 10/22/2005
MUC - Arose from the ash oggeh 10/7/2005
myojin jinxj1nxjinx 9/19/2005
Control OpS RebelShadowRM 9/4/2005
Blue-green Control Josh Beck 2005 PTQ Los Angeles Spokane, Washington 1st 8/27/2005
Blått dåligt slekter 8/17/2005
Monoblue Control Toshiharu Take 2005 PTQ Los Angeles Sanjou, Japan 5th-8th 8/13/2005
Monoblue Control Jonathan Rapisarda 2005 PTQ Los Angeles Lincoln, Nebraska 5th-8th 8/6/2005
Monoblue Control Joseph Kambourakis 2005 PTQ Los Angeles Newington, Connecticut 1st 8/6/2005
Monoblue Control Jonathan Belk 2005 PTQ Los Angeles Newington, Connecticut 2nd 8/6/2005
Battle of Wits Frank Karsten 8/2/2005
Blue-green Control Joe Lossett 2005 PTQ Los Angeles San Diego, California 3rd-4th 7/30/2005
Black-blue Control Paul Cheon 2005 PTQ Los Angeles San Diego, California 2nd 7/30/2005
Monoblue Control Derek Huang 2005 PTQ Los Angeles Jefferson, Louisiana 1st 7/23/2005
Blue-white Control Tony Menzer 2005 PTQ Los Angeles Columbus, Ohio 5th-8th 7/23/2005

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