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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
S08E07 - Mayael Playing With Power MTG 3/25/2021
Obuun, Mul Daya Ancestor Commando 3/25/2021
Bant Blade Evaros_TTV 3/24/2021
Abzan Harvest SinCity MTG 3/24/2021
Vex's Counting to 21 VEX MTG 3/24/2021
Eight-and-a-Half-Tails Plainswalkers Uncommon Commander 3/24/2021
Heliod Dendostar 3/24/2021
Vampiric Bloodlust Upgrades Bouv10 3/24/2021
OG Kaalia Commander McNuggetz 3/24/2021
OG Athreos Commander McNuggetz 3/24/2021
OG Heliod Commander McNuggetz 3/24/2021
first PandaKani123 3/24/2021
Lathiel Sam Hassebroek 3/23/2021
Bant KoTR Evaros_TTV 3/23/2021
Meriekes party friends Kyeran 3/23/2021
A very flashy Chromium Kyeran 3/23/2021
The First Sliver - Sliver Tribal Gaius 3/23/2021
Breaker of the coil Gaius 3/23/2021
Mardu Ascent of the Taunter SBMTGDev 3/23/2021
Secret Saffi Eriksdotter | COMMANDER'S BREW - E288 Commander's Brew 3/23/2021
Walls of Jericho captpike99 3/23/2021
Jeska(i) Casually Competitive 3/22/2021
Koll cEDH Casually Competitive 3/22/2021
Syr Cadian and the Silver Table Average_Soldier 3/22/2021
Syr Cadian and the Silver Table Average_Soldier 3/22/2021
Tuvasa Enchantress Gaius 3/22/2021
Sliver Hivelord Gaius 3/22/2021
Draconic Domination Upgrades Bouv10 3/22/2021
Gishat Dinosaurs Gaius 3/22/2021
Zacama Gaius 3/22/2021
Mono White Stuffy Doll CoolDoggo 3/22/2021
BW Tortured Existence SinCity MTG 3/22/2021
Sharkstill Evaros_TTV 3/21/2021
Edgar Markov Gaius 3/21/2021
Elsha of the Infinite budget storm Súnlight 3/21/2021
Modern: Bant Squirrel Blade FluffyWolf 3/21/2021
Arcades Gaius 3/21/2021
Jodah, Archmage Eternal impact Gaius 3/21/2021
Jumpstart order MF 3/21/2021
Uril EDH dm229 3/21/2021
Uril dm229 3/21/2021
Marisi Slmochie 3/21/2021
Marisi Slmochie 3/21/2021
Slivers Pauper Yan 3/21/2021
Death & Taxes (Semi-Optimal) Yan 3/21/2021
Stax Yan 3/21/2021
Tribal Blades Yan 3/21/2021
Bant Blades Yan 3/21/2021
Lands modern Yan 3/21/2021
chulane budget Yan 3/21/2021

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