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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
No Fog Turbofog MADBRO! 10/31/2023
GW Elves MADBRO! 10/31/2023
Budget Hardware MADBRO! 10/31/2023
s saltyyyyyyyy 10/31/2023
Modern Hardware MADBRO! 10/31/2023
Dynaheir Electriccrabz 10/31/2023
Bloodbraid Beanstalk brucebrucebruce3 10/31/2023
Ur aaaaaaaaaaa 10/30/2023
Gishath Wolfheart 10/30/2023
Green Red White Rin & Seri EDH MightyGauntlet2 10/29/2023
isshin Electriccrabz 10/29/2023
ur test aaaaaaaaaaa 10/28/2023
Ur-Dragon Alucard36002 10/27/2023
Urtet, Remnant of Memnarch Rippy 10/27/2023
Bill the Pony doing Bill things AjaxtheMany 10/27/2023
Mites jlo14 10/26/2023
Poison Is Fun Sometimes Sir ButterNubs 10/26/2023
1 dragyomony 10/26/2023
Ad Nauseam Modern AndreaMengucci 10/25/2023
tivit Electriccrabz 10/25/2023
trelasarra Electriccrabz 10/25/2023
White Zombies jnarcane 10/25/2023
Aragorn The U ezbattaglia 10/24/2023
Fly Me To The Win bunnyman11 10/24/2023
Pauper Boros Synth AndreaMengucci 10/24/2023
CEDH 347 - Lotho (Zeb) Playing With Power MTG 10/23/2023
feather Electriccrabz 10/23/2023
Budget Azorius Street_BB 10/23/2023
Enchantress #G.O.A.T. Tournaments 10/22/2023
Naya Reanimator Alucard36002 10/22/2023
Naya reanimator Alucard36002 10/22/2023
Temp Yaboi23rfewd 10/21/2023
Bean to Light Meryn 10/21/2023
sliver snifer ian123456789 10/20/2023
Selsnya Bogles Spicy Deluxe 10/20/2023
Mr. Frodo shildner 10/19/2023
4c Cascade Beans AndreaMengucci 10/18/2023
Tom Bombadil Budget FernoKlump2 10/17/2023
4c Beans Cascade Modern AndreaMengucci 10/17/2023
4c BeansCascade Modern AndreaMengucci 10/17/2023
Archer AngryCajun 10/17/2023
Domain Ramp ReidDuke 10/16/2023
Esper Midrange ReidDuke 10/16/2023
Treefolk budget tribal Rotterdam123 10/16/2023
Human Counters FernoKlump2 10/15/2023
mage master Moosey 10/15/2023
Ur Dragon Draft Carguy17 10/15/2023
Death Taxes Gideon 1 ThiccStaxxx 10/15/2023
Mono White Devotion by soccerdude789 Meryn 10/14/2023
Vannifar Kiki Cauldron by jben Meryn 10/14/2023
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