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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Buylist Afton LaGrandeur 12/15/2020
554548kk Alpha123 12/8/2020
12151l Alpha123 12/8/2020
shi- tron steadylynx 10/29/2020
Jhoira artifacts Marshmallowdeer 8/31/2020
Bleach Morpheuskibbe 8/3/2020
Urza, Lord High Artificer EDH DeGen 7/18/2020
Artifact Rummy kegstealer 6/28/2020
Zur the Enchanter th4t84st4rd 6/13/2020
Kinnan cEDH Exiled 6/4/2020
Extra Turn Annoyingness Hi_Dakota 5/27/2020
Patron of the Orochi EDH Meryn 4/6/2020
asdf asdf 1/25/2020
Sliver ZachTheDrifter 1/10/2020
Bosh Chuck Sesquipedalian 11/10/2019
Patron of the Orochi EDH Meryn 9/6/2019
x Oliver Barton 7/9/2019
x Oliver Barton 7/9/2019
x Oliver Barton 7/9/2019
Saheeli, The Artifact Janktress ForceOfChill 6/4/2019
06/19 Kruphix test B34RB0T 5/27/2019
Diaochan's Beautiful Destruction PeePeeChiken 5/17/2019
Jhoira Ameruth 4/29/2019
42 sword3144554 3/22/2019
Mairsil, the Pretender EDH FlynHawaiian 1/25/2019
Blue Red Control Kharn2 9/13/2018
Aminatou EDH The Kid 9/4/2018
afafgsg PuLsE 8/6/2018
Sharuum Lostrascal 7/2/2018
Sharuum Commander JustinGT84 6/27/2018
SAP BOI Madhatterlupin 6/18/2018
We're the Rats Madhatterlupin 6/16/2018
Planar Bridge ramp Snakeman4 5/27/2018
Karn EDH OmniSin 5/25/2018
Traxos, Combo-Scourge Paradox-Marvel 5/24/2018
Talrand EDH DeGen 5/7/2018
Defense As Offense jobysama 5/1/2018
Purphoros Tokens EDH Sir Quackington 4/28/2018
Invasion Block Commander: Cromat Jon Corpora 4/13/2018
U/G/R Laboratory Elf Totoro 4/7/2018
artifacts chump 3/16/2018
Ezuri Commander Bubbakush42 3/8/2018
Butcher of Hope Kglore 2/25/2018
Stangg makniffen 2/14/2018
Karn EDH awesome guy 1/15/2018
Teferi, Temporal Archmage Dsevela2 12/2/2017
From Russia with Love Kortai20 11/22/2017
Kaseto's Snakes for Meghan Rudolfacus 10/25/2017
Blade's Worst Nightmare xEpy0n 10/21/2017
Ertai, Draw-Counter-Go XFBH 10/12/2017

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