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Colors Deck Name Player Name Location Placed Date
Temur Scapeshift (Yorion) JMEYER2030 MTGO Modern Showcase Challenge - 07/11/2020 2nd 7/13/2020
Izzet Delver (Semi-Optimal) Emmmzyne 7/12/2020
Izzet Delver (Semi-Optimal) Emmmzyne 7/12/2020
Izzet Delver (Budget) Emmmzyne 7/12/2020
Izzet Delver (Budget) Emmmzyne 7/12/2020
Izzet See the Truth kooba3 7/11/2020
Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur DaddyXD MTG DaddyXD 7/9/2020
Mine, Mine and Mine Astra 3M 7/6/2020
Mine, Mine and Mine Astra 3M 7/6/2020
Sultai Reclamation Shorak123 MTGO Modern Challenge - 07/04/2020 5th-8th 7/6/2020
Happy 4th! Evaros_TTV 7/4/2020
Scapeshift kbr3 MTGO Modern Challenge - 06/28/2020 3rd-4th 7/1/2020
Mono-Blue Tron shoktroopa MTGO Modern Challenge - 06/27/2020 5th-8th 6/30/2020
Shabraz, the Skyshark jolt539 6/22/2020
Aspiringspike's Izzet Boil Evaros_TTV 6/20/2020
Mine, Mine and Mine Astra 3M 6/20/2020
Twin Evaros_TTV 6/16/2020
Collection Tanner Cruse 6/12/2020
Modern: Sultai Reclamation Teaching FluffyWolf 6/11/2020
Atraxa Soup friends Lurek 6/8/2020
UR Delver Evaros_TTV 6/8/2020
Jeskai Yorion Saheeli Evaros_TTV 5/31/2020
Jeskai (g) Lutri! Evaros_TTV 5/22/2020
Storm Aggro jingo 5/19/2020
Scapeshift Iceinmycup 5/17/2020
Gavi's Astral Approach NickyBolas 5/13/2020
Mono Blue Tron coolkiasda 5/12/2020
Mono Blue Tron CrypticKiAsDa 5/12/2020
Sultai Control pmc22337 MTGO Modern Super PTQ 05/09/2020 5th-8th 5/11/2020
Sultai Control CAPTAINFARBOSA MTGO Modern Challenge 05/09/2020 5th-8th 5/11/2020
Temur Scapeshift (Yorion) in5ano MTGO Modern Super PTQ 05/09/2020 1st 5/11/2020
Jeskai Lutri Evaros_TTV 5/10/2020
Jeskai Saheeli Yorion Evaros_TTV 5/7/2020
Jeskai Lutri Evaros_TTV 5/5/2020
Modern: UB Ninja Fae FluffyWolf 5/4/2020
Jeskai Yorion Saheeli Evaros_TTV 5/3/2020
Yuriko v1 Augment 5/2/2020
Jeskai Saheeli Evaros_TTV 5/2/2020
Jeskai Saheeli Yorion Evaros_TTV 4/29/2020
Azorius Serra kooba3 4/28/2020
UG Broximus Prime 4/28/2020
Budget Dimir Ninjas Emma Partlow 4/27/2020
Dimir Ninjas adriaferrer 4/27/2020
Niv Mizzet Deck - 2004 Flygonzom 4/27/2020
test m c 4/26/2020
Modern: UR Cycle Turtle FluffyWolf 4/22/2020
Budget As Foretold Living End Emma Partlow 4/21/2020
As Foretold Living End MastaHorus 4/21/2020
Bantblink Magic Chiller 4/19/2020
Bantblink Magic Chiller 4/19/2020

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